Thanks for the Miracle


After financial worries of wether we can aford children and then finding out we cant have tham. Then being refused fertility treatment because we only wanted one embryo created (we wrent going to let them have spares for god knows what) .

After one huge crisis in faith, we finaly surrendered ourselves to gods will. only then did we get our miracle .

One beautifuly healthly baby is on its way.

I just want to say a big THANKYOU GOD .

and for anyone out there who is strugling if its ment to hapen then it will . your may ahve your spirit broken and be draged down it to deep despare while your waiting (we certainly were) but when you have finaly given up compleatly all hope and have started planing your life without them . you might just find that your expecting.

not only did god give me a child but a new understanding of my faith. i no longer pray for what i want simply “let me accept and fullfill your plan with a joyfull heart for you know better than i what i truly need.”


Thank you for sharing news of your newborn, little miracle! Congratulations! :slight_smile:

God is good.


Congratulations! What wonderful news!



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