Thanks to all in CA


I get great encouragement and support from CA and am very grateful to all who are involved with it. Recently I am trying to get used to the new layout and have been trying to learn as much as I can about CA.

In Ireland it seems, as the number of priests is decreasing rapidly, that the Church in the future will be a lay Church, and I consider CA as part of this process of laicization of the Church. Since its founding by Karl Keating it has been essentially a lay organization, and in fact it the largest apologetics forum in the Church after the Vatican.

I read somewhere that it is considered a conservative organization. I hope not, as I think of myself as neither conservative nor liberal, traditional nor progreswsive, left nor right, red nor blue, but Catholic and feel welcome here.

I like the missoin statement:

Catholic Answers is one of the nation’s largest lay-run apostolates of Catholic apologetics and evangelization. Its mission statement explains its purpose:
We help good Catholics become better Catholics, bring former Catholics “home,” and lead non-Catholics into the fullness of the faith.

However I did start a thread about combatting the polarization in the Church and the need to reach out to all Catholics, but there was resistance to accepting those who were not fully in accord. I thought this was a pity.

I found the names in Leadership and Profiles interesting.

My first impression was the lack of females, and the relative lack of priests. I was surprised to see how few reputable theologians in top universities and academic scholars were among the names. Is this a fair comment? Maybe Catholicism does not need scholars or theologians to explain the faith, but I think they are needed.

Thanks again to all in CA.

Let us all support and pray for each other.


I don’t know if that’s necessarily a fair expectation. Academic scholars are more likely to work at a university than at Catholic Answers. And priests are more likely to be working in a diocese or a religious order than at a lay Catholic apostolate. So I don’t necessarily count that as a strike against Catholic Answers.

Among the CA staff, I see 5 women and 13 men. I’m not sure Karl Keating or Fr. Serpa would still actually be counted, though. There are definitely more men that women, but I think apologetics work appeals more to men than women. In certain other areas (like religious education), it’s often the opposite, though.


I was surprised and a bit disappointed that this thread did not create more interest.

There are two issues concerning me.

  1. Is there a lack of women, priests, theologians, scholars and academics in the Leadership and Profiles names?

  2. Since our Mission Statement has to ‘help good Catholics become better Catholics, bring former Catholics “home”’ is there not a judgmental and harsh attitude in CA to Catholics who are a bit wobbly and have difficulties concerning our mutual faith? We are a polarized Church, but it seems in CA a strict line is drawn between loyal and weaker Catholics.

I would love to hear contributors’ opinions.



Interested but I don’t share your concerns so there was no need to comment.


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