Thanks to everyone


I just wanted to say a big thank you to those of you who offered your prayers and advice a few weeks ago regarding my desire to leave my husband. We’ve had a few more blow ups, and from talking through them my husband has admitted to being depressed, and is starting counseling this afternoon. Hopefully we’ll see some changes from here!!

Now I just need to try my best to love him and support him as he tries to work through things.


This is good to hear, MC! I will keep you and your dh in my prayers that he will be able to get what he needs to be a happy, well-adjusted person so you both can live in peace and love. God bless!


That is good news! Thanks for sharing. Will keep you’ll in my prayers.


that is FABULOUS news…and you are in our prayers!


Praise God! I can tell you that my DH exhibited very similar behaviors (the irritation with the slightest upset from the kids; the need for what seemed like excessive alone time and “relaxing”; the feeling of never being able to make him happy no matter how hard I tried; and above all, the walking on eggshells) before he was diagnosed with a major depressive episode. I felt foolish for not having realized sooner what he was going through, but after receiving therapy and medication, he was like a different man-- or, rather, like the man I always knew was back there.

I wish you the best. This can be really, really hard, a rollercoaster of a ride. Your perseverence and commitment will likely mean the world to him, even if he is not able to express this to you. You will be in my prayers.


I know… me too…

We had a big talk on the weekend when I suddenly realized he’s depressed! He went to the doctor yesterday, and she diagnosed him with genetic clinical depression. I think knowing there is a cause for the way is feeling has really helped him out.


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