Thanks to our Angel on their feastday!


On the feast of Guardian Angels, I thought it would be cool to post a thank you to them - they do so much for us! It would make our angels happy to read them, and God happy to see us realizing the goodness and love He shows for us through them.

So thanks to my angel, who does so much for me every day. In this difficult time that I am in right now, he is always by my side. His presence is a comfort and a joy to me. He keeps me from sin, prays with me, accompanies me to Mass, keeps me on the right path, and helps me find God. He even helps me find things! He is truly a sign of God’s great love for me. Knowing that he is always with me helps me to be a better person.


Angel of God, my Gaurdian Dear, thank you for all you do, those things seen and unseen! Thank you Jesus for the gift of our Guardian Angels :angel1:

A side note, one day I was getting on a elevator - I always called my angel, ‘my angel’, and I was busily takling to him about something. Then I heard(somehow in my mind) ‘my name is Harry.’ I thought who is that? Again I heard ‘my name is Harry.’ I thought oh my, that is my Angels name Harry, thats is an odd name. I think he was very tired my calling him ‘my angel’. But, I was glad to know him a bit better, and thanked God for him. I said something to a friend and she said,’ no it isn’t an odd name for an angel, isn’t that what an angel does - he Harolds God.’ I thought oh myself, duh, Harry is the nick name for Harold, geeezzz. It actually means ‘chief of the army’ in our way of thinking - don’t know about heaven - but I like that he harolds our Lord. Anyway, the name then made even more since to me :extrahappy:So to ‘Harry’ thank you!


Love my angel. I have felt my angels protection so many times during my life. So, thank you my angel.


Thanks to my angel for putting up with me. :slight_smile:


Thank you, my guardian angel, for doing all you can to guide me to Him - I know it’s usually not a very easy job!


Thanks, Angel. I know I’m not the best charge to be stuck with, but I love you for trying. :smiley:


Thank you so much my Dear Guardian Angel!


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