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I would like to see what sort of a short list we can put together regarding the POSITIVE SOCIAL SERVICES given by the Catholic Church throughout her 2000 years. I think the top of this list is Hospitals – but I don’t know what else is on the list… I’m sure others might.


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Great Art

Wonderful sacred music! :thumbsup: We even sing “Agnus Dei”, “Sanctus” and “Ave Maria” in my secular choir!

Science…yes, science…many of the early discoveries in biology and science were monks.

[quote=RLT]Science…yes, science…many of the early discoveries in biology and science were monks.

True. Genetics comes immediately to mind. Gregor Mendel, the “Father of Genetics,” was an Augustinian Monk (ordained to the Priesthood).

a place to come together and receive the Eucharist. I know that is not relaly the typem of things you were thinking of but you did say 2000 years and that was something available in the beginning when there was only one church in christianity

The Bible and an accurate calender.

Hospitals, orphanages, and asylums. Schools. Separation of Church and state. Access to the grace of God via the Sacraments. In part, the downfall of Soviet communism.

Et cetera.

– Mark L. Chance.

in many parts of the world, India and many African countries for example the Catholic Church through its hospitals, religious orders, orphanages etc. provides most or even the only care for AIDS victims, including patients, families and orphans.

The University - containing leaders in science, philosophy, arts

The Church - Bible, sacraments, truth
Church establishment of Hospitals, Hospices, Charities, relief orgs.

Leading to:

Civilization. :eek:

If you’re REALLY interested in gaining a great insight on this topic, here is a good article about a great book:

**How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization **

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