I can’t believe how many people answer my posts! I just wanted to say thank you all. I’ve been to other sites posting questions and nobody answered me. I’m pretty new here, this just shows me how many people follow the lord. Thanks again. I’m trying to find my way to God, for I need him very much.


hi anna’s mom-You’re very welcome! I hope everything works out good for you. I know it will if you search out to become a good Catholic again!


hi from another annie, the trouble you may run into here is that we may talk to much, give too much well-meaning advice, and get you confused, but we do love to talk. welcome.


Yeah, you can usually get good, honest, genuine answers here from these folks…pretty good bunch of Catholics…and they even welcome us non-Catholics!


Some of you may be following my story through my posts, others may be tired of hearing from me. Thank you all. At the end of the day I know I can go to this site and someone out there cares about me. Thank you all for your responses during this time. I have been scared, lonely and depressed. needing a friend.


This is a great place to come! I am glad you found us in your needs…God bless you.


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