Some time ago I submitted a thread requesting the names of writers of serious Catholic biblical and theological books. I was particularly concerned about grace and St Paul as in this year the 500th anniversary of the Reformation is being remembered. I was delighted with the impressive number of excellent replies I received.

I was pleased to be recommended books by Frank Matera and Joseph Fitzmyer, and I am reading their books on Galatians and Romans at present.

Bookcat, among his many helpful replies, mentioned the Navarre Bible, translated into English by Irish scholars. I appreciated hearing this as some of these translators are friends of mine, and one is very ill at this time. Please remember him in your prayers.

I was also recommended works by Charles Journet, and I ordered a second-hand copy of his ‘The Meaning of Grace’, which I hope to start this evening.

I also discovered a book published this year by Tracey Rowlands ‘Catholic Theology’. I have started it and so far I am enjoying it, as it seems solid and up-to-date.

Thus I am very grateful to contributors here who have encouraged, stimulated and informed me positively.
Thank you all.


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