Thanksgiving and a prayer request


As many of you know I have been requesting prayers for myself and my family as I am relocated to CO from MO for work. I have been praying for interviews and last week I was able to get 2 interviews. Well I just hear this morning that the job that I like wants me to come back for a second interview :extrahappy: on Friday.

I ask your continued prayers for me and my family as this may be my chance to return home to them. Please pray for me that I impress the company in this second interview and this can end these months of seperation. My family wants and needs me to be home. My DS crys everynight for me :frowning: it breaks my heart.

Thank you for your prayers.

I’ll be praying for you so that God may help you impress the people at your interview so you can get that job and be close to your family and end your suffering for being apart from them.

I pray that your interview will result in a job. :gopray:

Just got a call back from my other recruiter and the other company that I interviewed with is doing second interviews with 3 out of the 6 candidates. I am one of the candidates :extrahappy:

The day just gets better!!

Praise God!! :signofcross:

You are in my prayers.

As always, MM, you ARE in MY prayers!!! :wink:

:thumbsup: Listen to Fr. Tom and never start anything w/out first calling upon the Holy Spirit (and don’t forget the can of soda! :smiley: )

Thanks DW!! As always, favor returned! :love:

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