Thanksgiving at my wife's Mormon ward


There was no Thanksgiving remembrance at my wife’s ward. They talked about the temple with no Thanksgiving hymns. I’m glad I was able to attend mass on Thanksgiving Day with traditional Thanksgiving hymns at my local parish.


Praise God for the gift of being able to praise Him. :slight_smile:


I always found it odd when I was Mormon that there was no service on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day unless they fell on a Sunday. A lot of Mormons in Utah County, where I grew up, went to midnight Mass at St. Francis in Provo. In fact, so many of the Mormons showed up that it was standing room only and the Catholics rarely had a place to sit.

The first time I came out to Minnesota with my husband for Christmas, we went to Christmas Eve Mass on Friday, Christmas Day Mass on Saturday and then regular Mass on Sunday. I remember thinking, “These Catholics go to church more than mormons do!” LOL

in Christ


Maybe the Catholics would get a better seat if they got there a little earlier:p Looks like “those Mormons” could teach the Catholics about priorities:p



Without question, Catholics, Lutherans and Anglicans do Christmas better than any other church or group.


Did you ever notice, though, that the Mormons give thanks for the blessings of God EVERY time they meet? If the Temple is so important to them, then it was most appropriate that they spek of it at their meeting.



I see your point, but one thing you hardly ever see or hear in a Mormon sacrament meeting is someone who acknowledges his/her own sinfulness. They are quite the prideful bunch.

Furthermore, if you ever attend a Mormon service, notice what’s in the middle of the of the church at the focal point: the speaker. Christ is completely absent. In a Catholic Church Jesus - in the present of both the altar and Eucharist - is the central focus of the entire celebration.

No matter how much more “thankful” Mormons may appear to be on the surface, it’s clear to see where their focus is, and it’s not Jesus Christ.


In case nobody figured this out, I HAVE been to many LDS services. Anybody can put a statue of Christ at the head of a church but that does not mean that is where all the hearts and minds are focused. Christ is most certainly NOT absent (ok - eucharist excepted). Just becasue they do not have statues and a large cross with Jesus portrayed hanging from it most certainly does not mean that “Christ is completely absent” as you say. Do we really need all the “props” at the front of the church (in the form of statues etc) in order to worship Crist? I think not. If one cannot worship Christ in his/her own heart ~without~ props then I would be so bold as to say that their faith is not made of much faith at all.



Same here. I noted this to my Mormon girlfriend as we exited Mass on Thursday. Seems like I remember going to Thanksgiving services years ago when I was a Protestant. Seems a bit odd that the Mormons don’t observe in church. I wonder if this has anything to do with a specific denial of Mormons that Mormonism has Protestant roots. I mean, in terms of Thanksgiving having Protestant origins.


Anne, thanks again for your comments. Although the “props” as you put it are not necessary, they are intended to return our thoughts and minds to the Christ.

As has been noted quite frequently in these message boards, Mormons participate in this same line of “icons” in the form of pictures of temples in their homes. I’m not insinuating that Mormons workshop the pictures of the temples in their own homes, but I think you get the picture.

As for your point that Christ is in LDS worship services, I’m regretfully cannot agree with you on this point. He is most certainly absent in from the LDS church in doctrine and practice.


As for your point that Christ is in LDS worship services, I’m regretfully cannot agree with you on this point. He is most certainly absent in from the LDS church in doctrine and practice.

AMEN! As a former Mormon, I wholeheartedly agree. Jesus (the real one, not one made up from heretical doctrines) is most certainly absent from the Mormon church. In all aspects of it.

in Christ


I’m tempted to ask where you learned to give yourself virtuous airs over people who like pictures and statues in church; but since the answer seems obvious, I won’t.

Are you aware you are being led into the ancient heresy of iconoclasm, which was put to bed at the second Council of Nicaea in 787? It appears as though you are being led into other things as well, including the minimization of the Eucharist. Less time at Mormon services and more time in front of the Blessed Sacrament would seem to be indicated.


And they’re very helpful to people who are extremely easily distracted, like me.


Are YOU aware that you have NO IDEA who I am and therefore have NO RIGHT to judge me as having “virtuous airs” as you so put it? I was merely partaking in a discussion and pointing out a possible point of view. How dare you judge me? With Catholics like YOU I would much rather be in a Mormon service than sit next to you anywhere. I think I will call those missionaries right now - thanks so much for giving me the incentive. You can now tell all your friends (oh yes - and your confeesor) that you helped a struggling Catholic find their way to the LDS church.



Anne, it is obvious to me, from what you’ve already written in the several previous posts, that you made that decision a long time ago, and so I think you are prevaricating just a tad to claim that you’ve been just now pushed over the edge. Know this, though: Some go in, others come out. I am personally witnessing the coming-home of a beautiful Christian woman who was suckered into Mormonism through a family relationship almost 30 years ago. Maybe you will fill her slot. God Bless, and good luck to you.


I don’t think the answer to your struggle with Catholicism is to go off and join a cult. Trust me, I did that 31 years ago and regretted it bitterly.

Better to read the bible and the catechism and really learn your faith. I have never known anyone who really understood the Catholic faith to “struggle” with it. And I have never known anyone who really knows their faith to get that easily offended by another Catholic. They just shake it off.

Think about it, please.
God bless,



Joining the LDS church because of how someone answers your post is not a good way to make such an important decision. Something tells me that you are in great turmoil and trying to convince yourself that LDS is the “true religion”. Someone who truly knows and loves his/her Catholic faith would not attend LDS services frequently. I too have been to LDS services, but only two. I could not attend more, it was all too frightening. Each service, members of the congregation got up and went to the front to say that they believe that Joseph Smith is the true prophet etc. etc… Communion was pieces of bread and small cups of water passed through the congregation after being prayed over by young boys at a table located at the side of the church. The service itself was more of a business meeting than a service to praise God. LDS are good people, just like any other people on this great earth. There are the good the bad and the in-between. LDS families re not happier and closer than families of other religions. This is a myth. I know many LDS and know first hand that I have seen as many divorces, family problems, etc. as in any religious or non-religious group.

I say to you, if you really want to be LDS, go for it, but then be strong enough to leave when you realize that it was all built on fiction. You will have many experiences that you will not have in the Catholic church to be sure. Be ready to be shunned if you do not live according to the “rules” and be ready to be shunned when you decide to leave LDS. It will happen.

God bless you Anne, and may the Holy Spirit guide you in your search for spiritual peace.

Love and peace, Mom of 5


I just became a Catholic last April. It’s been a great journey for me. The Mormon people were great, and I have to admit many of them were more virtuous in some ways than many Catholics. The difference between Mormonism and Catholicism on that score is that Mormons who aren’t virtuous get shunted aside and go inactive. A lot of the Catholic sinners keep going to the Catholic Church and are accepted where they are. That’s actually a better way in my opinion because it’s hard to invite people to repent when they aren’t there. At the same time I’ve found lots of wonderful Catholics who are living their religion as well or better than Mormons do even though the Catholic Church’s teachings are a bit more stringent than Mormonism in many areas.

Unfortunately, I had to leave Mormonism because its scriptures and history were both flawed. The Book of Mormon and Book of Abraham in particular have huge problems that are obvious to anyone with their eyes open. There are a lot of active Mormons who play the game for social reasons, but understand the same thing I do when it comes to the Book of Mormon and the Book of Abraham. I just couldn’t play the game any longer.

I find that Jesus is really only a side dish in Mormonism. The main courses are Joseph Smith and the Mormon institution itself. So good luck with your decision, but I am extremely happy I’ve become Catholic after 32 years of Mormonism!


Ok - you really do not know me. I am NOT going to call the missionaries…I never was! I was trying to make apont that you are more likely to drive someone away from the truth than lead them to it by pretending to know who they are and what they believe just by what you seen in a snapshot of their life here on the boards!

If you MUST know, I have recently come home, had my marraige annulled and am getting my current marriage blessed by the church. I am most defineately NOT headed in the other direction!

I was merely trying to participate in a discussion on this board. I was not aware that differing points of view were so intolerable to others.

I am not interested in this anymore if I cannot state an opinion or thought without having someone pass judgement on me. After all, I thought this was the “Non Catholic Religions” board where there would be other views expressed without the fear of having those ideas condemned by those who THINK they know what they are talking about!



I think what some found so hard to grasp/understand etc. is that you came across in your posts as apporving/supporting etc. what the LDS do and as a Catholic (which your profile states you are) I could not understand that…
I see with this post where you were coming from though.

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