Thanksgiving for a nameless woman


About 24 hours after his surgery he was in ER waiting for an emergency treatment to alleviate pain. The day was long and it was late morning when I was sent to the waiting area which happened to be also the reception area and main entrance to the healthcare facility. Visitors, patients, employees, physicians, nurses, students and some delivery people used the main entrance. One entrance appeared to fit all. The noise was constant……feet falling, doors swishing open and close, people talking, cell phones ringing, outside traffic sounds. Those waiting to be called to join loved ones in the post-op room were given devices that vibrated, lit up and made an obnoxious sound to alert. It was not an environment for passing pleasantries or brief acquaintances. It was late afternoon and shortly before leaving to join him when my head started to pound and I felt miserable inside. I was tired of the transitional feeling in the room, hungry, thirsty and sleepy. An obese woman with a large, soft, smooth, pleasant expression rolled in across from me in a wheel chair. Her escort left her side to retrieve the vehicle that would carry them away. She started humming a tune. Before I identified the melody to be ‘How Great Thou Art’ I shrunk when I considered she might be just another crazy part of my week. At first I wished she would stop but she continued and the more she hummed the more I was able to pick the melody out from all the noise around and inside of me. I could feel my heart relaxing within me and my spirit lifting. I pressed my eyes shut and thirstily drank in her joyful sound. I couldn’t look up at her again until she pushed her large body up out of her chair to walk to her parked ride. Her eyes were focused on the door……my eyes never met her eyes. Our eyes never met but the joy in her music touched my heart and soothed me.


Sounds like you had a good experience.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.
As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end.


Thank you, Lord, for putting this woman in Donkey’s life. Her music was a true blessing for Donkey at a difficult time for him. Amen.


Bless you, God, for the loving comforts that You send, even from strangers

Creator, Redeemer and Indwelling God, the true sin of humanity is of ingratitude towards You. Figuratively, our first parents, instead of appreciating all gifts You bestowed, craved the one gift denied to their possession. They sacrificed their many other precious gifts to the desire to obtain it. We, who easily fall into the same ingratitude, ask grace and endeavour to be grateful for each blessing You offer.

We thank You for everything in our lives whether happy or sad, comfortable or unpleasant, because You can bring blessing out of anything. You can draw goodness out of both our successes and our failures. We thank You for our losses, which can teach us appreciation for what remains to us. Thank You for everything that makes us anxious or uneasy, because we can learn patience and trustfulness if we continue to thank You for every circumstance.

Thank You for every person who contributes to our progress and maturity by their goodwill, interactions or advice and even through their or our vulnerability or weakness.

Bless our relationships with mutual growth in joy, in routine and in difficulty.
Thank You for all that is good and wholesome in our lives. Thank You for our possessions, for our talents and achievements. We determine, with Your grace, to steward them well, never allowing them to distract us from love of You and other people.

It is difficult to appreciate difficulties that seem disastrous and cause great sorrow, but we seek to be thankful for everything given to our loved ones and ourselves. Therefore, with Your grace we determine to be joyful and thankful in every situation and circumstance, trusting that You will work all things to good.

We thank You for the Sacraments, the priesthood, and the Church. We thank You for entering our lives with Christ’s teaching and redemption, sharing divine love with us and leading us into eternal life. Thank You for everything, our God.


What a lovely story, even in times when we think we can take no more God finds ways to lift our spirits:angel1:


Yes, Amen. Please bless her Lord.
May she be rewarded for her song of praise.


Just returned home from an out-of-town trip. Happy to see your cheerful message of thanksgiving!

From today’s Liturgy of the Hours:

Canticle Judith 16

The Lord, creator of the world, protects his people
Lord, you are great, you are the almighty one.
Make music to my God with drums,
sing to my Lord with cymbals.

Begin a new song to him,
extol and call upon his name.
You are the God who crushes battle-lines,
you set up your camp among your people,
you save me from the grip of my persecutors.

I will sing a new song to God:
Lord, you are great and glorious,
wonderful in your unconquerable power.
Let all your creatures serve you,
for you spoke and they were made,
you sent forth your spirit, and they were created:
there is no-one who can resist your command.

For the mountains will be shaken to their roots,
the seas will be stirred up,
at your sight the rocks will melt like wax –
but to those who fear you,
you will show your loving kindness.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be,
world without end.

Lord, you are great, you are the almighty one.


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