Thanksgiving for Intercession of St. Joseph


Praise God, I have the job I wanted. The salary is excellent, the vacation time is generous, and the commute is under 20 minutes! My 30 day prayer ended today, and the offer came in shortly after I finished, just as I expected. :wink:

Also finishing today is our novena to St. Joseph for the renovations on our house. After literally months of getting jerked around, we had a whole crew here on the first day of the novena, and today finally see some progress getting cement cleared out of the back and the driveway repoured out front.

Hooray for St. Joseph! Thank you!


I share in your gratitude for a favor received!:thumbsup:


Don’t you just love it when the Church triumphant comes through for the Church militant? :slight_smile:


Praise God for St. Joseph! A little toy St. Joseph helped my 2 year old be happy in the car today while we were out doing errands :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your job! :dancing:



I forgot to post this earlier, but I wanted to say congratulations. I was sure to thank God and St. Joseph the last two days at adoration.

I have added St. Jude to my prayer warriors.


Thanks wonderful! Thank God! St.Joseph is always praying for me with Our Lady…and I need help!

I’m saying the 30 days prayer too.


Thank you St Joseph for your intercession! Thank You Lord God! :smiley:


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