Thanksgiving for needs met


Thanks be to God for my parents’ generosity!!! Here all I was hoping for was that mom was feeling generous to buy me a top or something small on our shopping trip . . .she went above and beyond!!!

Mom bought us a new queen-size bed frame and dining set!!! The last time we bought a bed frame, we somehow ended up with a king and after putting bedrisers on it, our headboard wouldn’t attach and the frame stuck out past our mattress which has been the cause for many a bruised schin . . .a minor neusciance (SP?) that we’ve just learned to live with - but now with our new frame, everything works the way it’s supposed to!!!

Also, with our dining set, I have painted the metal parts of the chairs and table legs countless times and it continues to flake off and rub off on our walls. Also, cloth seating is not ideal for toddlers - I have removed the covers and washed them and even put plastic over the tops to protect them from further stains, but the screw-holes on the seat bottoms are stripped out and we’re missing screws, so not all of the seat cushions are totally secure anyway!!! We found a nice dining set at a local antique-made-new shop that mom and dad treated us to. It’s a little smaller than our original table, but it actually makes our dining space look a little bigger and is still fits our needs (for now!). AND everything is real wood, so the the seats are much easier to just wipe off and clean up after messy kids:P

Thanks be to God. Also, in putting my old set out in the front yard, I had barely finished taping the ‘FREE’ sign to the table before I had someone drive up to haul it off. I was also able to gift away our king size frame in a matter of days as well. PRAISE THE LORD!!!


Praise be to You, Lord, for all the blessing JLCecelia has received through the generosity of her mother. May You reward her mother abundantly! Amen.


I’ll add my thanks with yours for such a generous and gracious God.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.
As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be;
World without end.




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