Thanksgiving Office in the US

People who do the OF of the LOTH. Why is Thanksgiving included in the proper calender of the United States if there’s no daily office for it? Are there certain commons to be used? How high does it rank (I can only assume it’s the same rank as an optional memorial or something based on how it’s printed on the calendar in my edition.)

I know this question is a bit early but it’s been driving me crazy since last year. So really it’s just late!

There is a Mass for it. Ditto for Independence Day.

The Missal indicates both July 4 (Independence Day) and Thanksgiving Day as Optional Memorials.

In the LOTH, you would pray the psalms of the day/week you’re on in the cycle. I only have Christian Prayer handy, so not sure if the full 4-volume has options I don’t see, but not seeing anything appropriate to pick from except the inserting the Collect from Mass in lieu of the Closing Prayer.

Thanks. Good idea on the closing prayer. I’ve scoured the appropriate volume for each and the supplement I have (which has things like St. Maximilian Kolbe and Our Lady of Guadalupe) and found nothing.

It just seems weird that a memorial wouldn’t have a second reading and proper antiphons for the gospel canticles. Although looking at what it says in the ordinary it saysthe second reading that is hagiographical and that you have to use a proper (or if lacking from the commons) antiphon for the gospel canticles for the celebration of saints. So maybe not.

Because that day is a weekday of Ordinary Time, the USCCB was able to select readings from the Common and assign them as a kind of like an “Optional Memorial”

I could be wrong, but I think the only thing that is truly unique is the Collect.

I believe everything else came from the Common for the “In Thanksgiving to God” Ritual Mass. The USCCB then selects the readings from they wanted to use from the several reading options for “In Thanksgiving to God” mass.

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