Thanksgiving prayer for Fr. Bossi's return


Fr. Bossi has been rescued! Let’s thank God for this. I’m so very glad. :smiley:


:signofcross: :crossrc:


rescued? what happened?


Thanks be to God!


Thank you Lord for Fr. Bossi’s return :gopray:


Giving thanks…I too am wondering what happened to Father?



hi guys! He’s the priest who got kidnapped in Mindanao here in the Philippines. He’s been kidnapped for around 40 days, and lost 15 pounds.
Many thanks again to God!


Giving thanks!


The Lord is just and kind to those who serve Him–all praise to the Lord for keeping His servant safe and well after that ordeal.


Praise God for His protection of His servant, Fr Bossi.


I thought it may have been the above, Father mentioned it at Mass last Sunday but I had forgotten the name. Thank you Fin for the info. Giving thanks to God…


Thanks be to God…:bowdown2:


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