thanksgiving prayer



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Helwa! :thumbsup:

This is one of my favorite prayers of the Church. Do you know who is chanting it in this recording?


Quite nice, I must say. :slight_smile: Reminds me of in many ways of the “old” (read: now unfashionable) translations of many Syriac prayers. Ah well …


thanks so much but to be honest I don’t know who sing it
and dzheremi r u Arab to say Helwa ???


Haha. No, I'm not Arab, but I've picked up a few words here and there over the years. :)


How beautiful!


dzhere where do u live? thx Mary


America. Why?


bcouz I thought u lived in country with Arab to learn arabic


Not really. There are lots of Arabs and Arabic-speaking non-Arabs in America. I actually learned the little bit of Arabic I know (from one year of classes, four years ago) from two non-Arab professors. One was a Syriac Christian from Iraq, and the other was an American who had lived in the Gulf for about 13 years and worked as a translator in Iraq. America is a weird place. We're all mixed up over here. :D


ok I love mix ppl lol


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