I want to offer up prayers of thanksgiving to Our Lord for YOU.

Through this forum, I have received countless blessings and amazing graces. I have been blessed with a peace and confidence in the love My Savior has for me that I have never experienced before. So, Praise to God for His Undeniable Presence in our lives, for the life-changing power of prayer, and for the wonderful people at CAF who have shown me that the good guys have more than a fighting chance in this epic battle against darkness!

Blessed are you, Lord God:
Blessed are you for ever.
Holy is your name:
Blessed are you for ever.
Great is your mercy for your people:
Blessed are you for ever.

We praise you, Father of all;
We thank you for calling us to be your people,
And for choosing us to give you glory.
In a special way we thank you for CAF!

Cleanse our hearts and our lives
With your holy word
And make our prayer pleasing to you.
Guide us by your Spirit
As we follow in the paths of Jesus our brother.

All glory and praise are yours, Father,
For ever and ever.




AMEN! :angel1:





Thank You God
Grandma Glor




I will join my prayers of Thanksgiving for the Forum, the Forum members, and the Mods.

Great thread.



Praise God!


Amen…Praise be to God


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