Wether you are having a family affair or microwaving a tv dinner may your thanksgiving day be a pleasant one.

And may this blessing extend to all faiths and religions around the world!

Peace be with you!!!:gopray2:

May we truly be thankful…

I hope there is peace, too. Peace between nations, different faith communities, and especially between family members, since the holidays often bring old tensions and anger up to the surface.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Blessed, Happy, Healthy & safe Thanksgiving to all. Remember our Service Men & Women.

A Blessed, Happy, Peaceful, Joyous Thanksgiving Day to all of us and our loved ones! :grouphug:

As I said this morning, Thanksgiving and every day I reverence with recognition that there was a price for the religious liberty or no loyalty in religiousity that is enjoyed today.

Yes Thanksgiving is a great time for being thankful for our health …what health we have… for the accomplishments we have been able to achieve with God’s help…for the well being of our family…our cities and country. God’s blessings on all.:thumbsup:

Although in Australia we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving Day(Turkey is Christmas dish here!), I hope you all enjoy your day and have lots of turkey!

God Bless You All!

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