Thankyou for for all the positive and helpful responses I received.


:slight_smile: Hope things are going well for you.

Giving thanks for Graces received, and I too hope that things are going well for you…Blessings and God’s Peace - Barb

Almighty God and heavenly Father, You are the fountain of life and healing. I bless Your holy name and offer to You thanks for having delivered Hermionie from sickness and restored Hermionie to health of body, mind, and soul. Grant Your eternal grace, I pray, that life may lived in true obedience to You. Guide Hermionie to do Your will in all things devoting purpose of life to Your service. Thus living for You may Hermionie be found worthy of Your kingdom, where You dwell in glory with Your Son and Your Holy Spirit forever. Amen


:gopray: glad you could find comfort in here. :slight_smile:

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