THAT CATHOLIC SHOW video podcasts

Have any of you folks been watching the video podcasts called THAT CATHOLIC SHOW?

Each episode is about 5 minutes long and covers a different topic. They cover different issues, and basically offer the show as an educational show about our faith.

Personally I wish that Catholic TV could raise up to this standard of production quality. I find EWTN to be mostly unwatchable, with some great re-runs of old shows thrown into the mix. If we could get the quality of THAT CATHOLIC SHOW, in 30 minute episodes, broadcast on TV then I think there would be some pretty happy Catholics!


Yes, I first learned of the podcasts from Jimmy Akin’s website. They are excellent shows… But I would have to disagree about EWTN, I think they are some very good programs on there, such as Journey Home, Fr. Corapi and Threshold of Hope with Fr. Mitch Pacwa among others.

Greg and Jennifer Willits are doing an awesome job with the TCS podcast! They also run the Rosary Army lay apostolate that teaches people to make, pray and give away all twine knotted rosaries.

I totally agree with you. In fact, I credit the Rosary Army with helping me find greater fulfillment in faith. I’m actually a big fan of several of the podcasts.

What I find amazing is that a group of volunteers can get together and make up such professional video and audio and yet our Catholic Network has some shows that are so poorly produced that they are nearly painful to watch. Much of the content of EWTN may be good, but many of the shows simply have production quality that is not much better than home movie quality.

I love some of the EWTN shows, but not one of them does as much in 30 minutes as THAT CATHOLIC SHOW video podcast does in 5 minutes. JMHO

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