That clean heart for which I long


Give me Lord , through Christ my Saviour , that clean heart for which I long .


Thanks Rob,

What a beautiful sound to hear and what a sight to see young men with their faces strong and determined singing songs of praise! How I pray for the boys and girls I’ve taught in elementary schools through College level classes, in the USA. It is sad for me to watch the Catholic culture in our day so confused here in my country and throughout the world.

By God’s Grace, let us all sing in our hearts that same plea: “Give me Lord, through Christ my Saviour, that clean heart for which I long…” I believe with all my heart, God is our Loving and Faithful Shepherd Who will do as He promises, and accomplish His Will in us as He did in Mary our Immaculate Mother and in St. Joseph her pure spouse.


Beautiful Rob! Thanks for posting that!


I have nothing but praise for these lads , and their teachers should be so proud of their achievement .


Agreed. There is inestimable value in a “good teacher” – not only those who can teach music, but parents, and God-parents and devoted grandparents and others who bring children to the waters of Baptism and teach them to live in Christ.

The Family is the first line of defense against those who would keep our youth from having those clean hearts for which they long. Godly teachers who meet their students in classrooms or coaches in sports, can do much to reenforce what has been learned. Good teachers by God’s Grace, sometimes can even repair those damaged by disfunctional families.

Catholic Education at its best begins at home and grows in an environment where there are Godly teachers among Priests and Laity. Music truly can lift the soul to praise God and give expression to the Beauty which God creates and sustains in this world. Thanks again Rob for reminding us of how God does wonderful things for us and through us poor “bandaged children of eve” born and how wondrously reborn in Christ!


I thought it was ‘banished children of Eve’, but that works. :grinning:


Actually, Tad, I took the phrase from Sister Mary Jean Dorcy, OP who wrote a book on her humorous experiences as a teacher. I think it was one of the many phrases that children didn’t quite get “right” because they were so young and unfamiliar with words she was teaching them. I probably should have given readers a “clue”. The book may be out of print now but the title was “Shepherd’s Tartan”. I should have capitalized “Eve” also but I wrote in a hurry. :slight_smile:


That’s great! :grinning:

I had a hunch that was the case. :wink:


I know some of you like these boys , and this is the reaction they got on TV singing the hymn “Calon Lan” ( A Pure Heart ) .


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