That Evil Star of Bethlehem

Another Jehovah Witness teaching that irks me to no end is their idea that the Star of Bethlehem was a tool of the devil.

Yeah, pray for them.

What do you expect of them?

The Orthodox church teaches this was a special vision given to the Magi.

This is the main hymn of Christmas:

Your Nativity, O Christ our God, has made the light of knowledge dawn upon the world, for thereby those who adored the stars were taught by a star to worship you, the Sun of justice, and to know you the Dayspring from on high. Lord, glory to you!

Personally I think the Phenomenom known as the Star of Bethlehem was NOT all that bright…inspite of our hymns…the Magi had to tell Herod of the star. I’ve heard that in 6 BC Jupiter rose in the constellation of Aries in a way that would perhaps symbolize a new king being born in Israel…

Yes, a bright star leading shepherds and Magi to the Christ Child is obviously a tool of the devil.

Wow. Just wow.

How do they think the Star of Bethlehem was evil? Any logical reasoning on this thesis?

As I understand this strange doctrine of theirs it was Satan trying to use the Magi and Herod to kill Jesus…all a plot of the devil…

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