That in the name of Jesus


…every knee should bow, of those that are in heaven, on earth, and under the earth…" (Philippians 2:10)

[quote=Catholic Encyclopedia (1914)]We give honour to the Name of Jesus, not because we believe that there is any intrinsic power hidden in the letters composing it, but because the Name of Jesus reminds us of all the blessings we receive through our Holy Redeemer. To give thanks for these blessings we revere the Holy Name, as we honour the Passion of Christ by honouring His Cross (Colvenerius, “De festo SS. Nominis”, ix). At the Holy Name of Jesus we uncover our heads, and we bend our knees; it is at the head of all our undertakings, as the Emperor Justinian says in his law-book: “In the Name of Our Lord Jesus we begin all our consultations”.

Do any Catholics still act in such a manner? Do any Catholics genuflect at the name of Jesus, not even mentioning the respect due in the presence of Jesus in the sacrament? If not, why not? Why should we feel excluded from this call of respect which St. Paul mention?


Is that dogma?


There are plenty of things which Catholics do on a regular basis which aren’t dogma. For one, why bother genuflecting at all?


I’ve noticed our priest tips his head foreward every time he mentions the name “Jesus” or simply “Christ” during the Mass, even while reading the Gospel. He was an Anglican Priest before converting to Catholicism (he and his wife) and he’s pretty Orthodox in his ways. Our parish is so blessed to have him!!!

Although, as much as Catholics get chided for all the standing, sitting, and kneeling (“Catholic-Calisthenics” is what I’ve heard it called), can you imagine how much we’d be kidded if we knelt every time Jesus’ name was mentioned in Mass? :slight_smile:


I can really understand the argument from a pragmatic point of view - but I’m also curious if that’s a valid argument since the Jews regarded the sacred name YHWH with similar actions. We, of course, see their reaction to the name “I AM” several times throughout the Gospels.

Anymore, it seems as if the names YHWH and Jesus are treated as mere words and not sacred names.

Plus, why would the Catholic Encyclopedia include these actions as common if they weren’t practiced, prior to VCII?


Ah. So it’s not dogma. If it’s not dogma (which cannot change) then it’s practice, which can change.


We learned in school to bow whenever we say or hear the name Jesus. After a while it becomes almost automatic. I haven’t heard whether this is still taught as a pius practice in Catholic Schools or not. There used to be a lot of pius practices which seem to have gone by the board.


I bow my head every time on saying Jesus. I was taught to do so in school; it is ingrained in me. However, I haven’t noticed anyone else doing so at Mass. I, mean, I don’t specifically watch out for it but it is a thing that I would notice.

PS I really don’t like Catholics (or anyone else) who use the name of Jesus in a jocular manner in supposed humour.


I’ve seen some priests who will always bow - it’s true that I’d do my neck in if I did it!


A gentle bow of the head shouldn’t give you any neck problems.


Yes, I do. I must say this came to me for being an altar boy when I was younger. I’ve learned that from priest, religious brothers and sisters who came to mass.


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