That My Relationship With David Would Work Out


Hi everyone. I am currently friends with a guy named David whom I will be dating in the future. He has said that we will definitely date in the future. We are just holding off on it for now for personal reasons. Anyway, he is a non-practicing Catholic and I am a Catholic as well though I am practicing. I don’t agree with everything the Church teaches but I am a Catholic. Anyway, please pray that my relationship with David will work out when it finally does develop into a relationship.


Dear Holly…I will keep your intentions in daily prayer…May God bless you both richly…


Thank you BarbaraTherese. I appreciate your prayers and well wishes.


I shall pray for you and for David. :slight_smile:


Praying for you and David.






Praying that God gives you and David what you truly need


You are in my prayers…


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