That the Spirit of Truth may lead us into all truths!


I am not here to discuss Medjugorje, but to present a little prayer, which I encourage everyone who is following the events at Medjugorje to prayer.

As I am sure you are aware, Catholic Christians are divided on Medjugorje, with some saying it is true and others saying it is false, and there are even some who are spreading lies.

So, for the good of the Church, I ask you to pray:

“Jesus, send us the Spirit of Truth, that he may lead us into all truths!”

Legio Pax
Nick Childers/Our Lady of Fatima (New Advent)

P.S. - I ask you all to refrain from turning this thread into a flame war or into an arguement over Medjugorje. Thank you!


Medjugorje is an unapproved private revelation and as such is banned under Content Rule 6 and Banned Topics #22. This thread is now closed.

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