That time of the month problems

Got a problem. During my time of the month I feel awful! I can’t sleep, I get really frustrated very easily, I HURT extremely bad and just the normal bloating stuff. Its awful. I dread getting my period. I was on the pill for years and once I did my homework I stopped taking it. I joined the Church this past Easter and I know the Church doesn’t agree with it. I never had these problems when I was on the pill so I thought something was wrong. I’ve been checked out by a doctor to make sure its not something serious going on. I’m a normal healthy 23 year old that just has awful periods. Do any of you have periods like this?? What do you do to help with the symptoms? I take Advil and I was told I could take 800mg (4 pills) to help with the cramps but I can’t tell that helps. Once I get home from work I say on the couch with heating pad. I was told to switch from tampons to pads and that didn’t make a difference. My doctor had me take birth control pills…not all the pills just the “period” week pills and I told him I didn’t want to do that. Any suggestions?? I just want to make it through the week!! :o


My periods have always been painful and difficult…
But I’ve found that intense exercise really helps… especially on the days leading up to and during my period…
Intense cardio exercise… at least 30 minutes of running or jogging… REALLY helps my periods stay manageable…

At least that’s what has helped me!

I have similar issues as well. Besides the exercise, I would consider watching your diet. Try to limit caffeine intake before your period, watch the salt intake, and try to up your iron and calcium intake.

I have also found that taking a low dose of Advil (200 - 400 mg) a day or two before you start your period helps.

Warm drinks, heating pad, taking medication when the pain is still mild, vitamins…lots of good movies. :slight_smile: I like the movies part…which helps a little through the pain… Oh, and for me I get emotional like heck…so saying “sorry” a lot to my hubby is also a part of that time of month.

I haven’t tried the intense exercise suggestion before, but it’s definitely going to get tried…I’m always up for things that make me feel and look better.:smiley:

I had horrible periods until I started having kids, then they were much improved.

So, there at least might be hope for an easier future.

Sorry, I understand what you are going through, but I have no suggestions to help. I did as you, advil, heat and rest.


I thought the “period” week pills were in effect sugar pills? Why would that help with cramps?

I had similar problems. 800mg Motrin, heating pads, pads not tampons and the like. I used to miss school because of my periods being so bad.

They finally got better. :blush: After I had a baby. :shrug: Sorry. I am sure that is not what you wanted to hear. Now, they still are not great. I still have to have a heating pad, Motrin/Midol, pads and stuff, but they are a lot better. I can at least function.

My grandmother swore by it, BC powder. The aspirin decreases coagulation, and helps thin the blood making it easier for your body to do it’s job. The powder form makes it faster acting. It really works well as long as you don’t have stomach ulcers or have an aspirin sensitive stomach.:smiley:

Also try a really good women’s multi vitamin. All month long.

I emphathize with you. I used to have cramps so bad I would pass out! And having a baby did not help. One time my son was 8 months old I found myself passing out from cramps and I managed to call 911. They got a neighbor to watch my son as they took me to the hospital, the pain caused my blood pressure to drop to 80/60 and my heart rate to crash. What helped was going on daily prescription anti-inflamatories- which I’m still on for arthritis and other pain. I have heard that calcium and magnesium also help with cramping, etc. But no one mentioned the possibility of endometriosis or adenomyosis? Maybe you should get another opinion on the cramping and pms symptoms?

three words…evening primrose oil…it’s a type of fish oil…take two pills per day…and after about 30 days, you will see the difference…especially in the moodiness and frustration. I too have suffered the same symptoms…are we related?:smiley: I tried everything…and my dr put me back on the pill. I went off for religious reasons, but the Church teaches that if it is truly used for medical purposes like this, it is not sinful. But, you have to make that decision. I used to get horrific cramps off of the pill.

But, go to GNC and or a health store and ask for it…it really REALLY helps. (and exercise too helps–the more I work out, the less my symptoms show up) I will pray for you!!!:hug3:

I have endometriosis and a fibroid, which results in dysmenorrhea. Dietary changes helped some. The greatest improvement has been with progesterone. I use Creighton and am blessed with a NaPro doctor, which I know is not as conveniently available to everyone. I have not felt this good in years.

I’d be very interested in the Creighton method, autumn…can u pm me?:slight_smile: Personally…I’m kind of tired being on the pill. My doc (on Pgh) who was very good–said that there’s no harm…it can be helpful…but there’s just something about it…I use it for medicinal purposes…I have prayed about it…I don’t have an issue morally with it…but just think I want a change.

Oh man, I hate the insomnia. That’s the worst because not only do I feel awful from the cramps, bloating and migraine, I get to deal with all of that on top of feeling like a zombie. My period is actually preferable to PMS because I can deal with the cramps but it’s so wonderful to be able to sleep again and not have the headache.

I was on the Pill for several years when I was younger, and it did seem to help things. Since going off of it a few years ago, my periods have never been as bad as they were when I was a teenager. Maybe I would have outgrown the worst of it anyway, but maybe the hormone therapy helped reset something that was off-kilter. On the flip-side, I have no idea whether or not that is the cause of or a mitigating factor in our infertility. There have to be other things. I remember that one of my college roommates had a prescription that she would start taking the week before her period and continued until it was over to help control the symptoms, as hers were to the point where she could not function. I wish I could remember what she was taking.

Eating a properly balanced diet, taking calcium, iron, magnesium and B-vitamin supplements, exercising, and keeping hydrated all seem to help. If you can tolerate caffeine, I find that in moderate doses it helps with the headaches and bloating. As for pads vs. tampons…who knows. I was told by a couple of women that their cramps were lessened by using cloth pads rather than disposables, which I have not found to be the case (although I prefer the cloth pads for other reasons). I’ve heard many more women say that using reusable menstrual cups lessened their cramps. I haven’t been able to successfully use one, but maybe there’s something to that.

I have had the same problem all my life, from teen years onward, except for 15 years when I was on the pill to relieve those symptoms. And it seemed like a Godsend at the time. But of course, the long term adverse effects, possible blood clots, stroke, increased chance of heart disease…, I went off the pill in my mid 30’s and was fine for about 4 years afterwards. Now, at 45, I feel like a teen again with the terrible onslaught of all the symptoms you mentioned.

One thing I will recommend is Aleve, (or generic name - naproxin sodium), I take 3-4 pills at the onset of symptoms and it does wonders for the cramping, I’ve never had anything else work for me.

Cutting back on salt and caffeine does help, I just can’t seem to be able to do that, I’m weak in that area.:blush:

As far as moodiness goes, I just grab the :tissues: and let it happen, it seems to be a good cleansing time for me. (I don’t have a bad temper though, just more sentimental it seems)

I posted something of a similar nature in these forums about a month ago and a fellow forumite sent me the name of an NFP-only
gynocoligist in my area. He has prescribed me progesterone to take “that week” for my severe PMS. I don’t know yet whether it will help- I begin taking it next cycle. I am thankful to have a Catholic NFP-only doctor. I felt so immodest as it was my first visit to a gyno and a male doctor but a crucifix on the wall and a portrait of Madonna and Child in the exam room was a tremendeos help.
I have also been warned to cut down on caffiene.

I used to have very nice cycles, a bit irregular (but regularly so) and no cramps, no bloating, no mood swings, etc.

About a year ago that changed dramatically. Now I will have a migraine that lasts for up to 5 days during menstruation. Oddly enough, before and during my period I had no problem. But for about 1 week afterwards, I am hit with extreme IBS symptoms, cramping even down into my legs, irritability, mood swings, everything!

Very interesting… :confused:

I had a lot less of a problem after I had children. Think of menstrual cramps as tiny labor pains. Same principle. Any muscle contractions require calcium. I found drinking more milk helped uterine and leg cramps.

That’s what my Mom says; only she says that before she had kids, her cramps were far worse than the pains of childbirth (and the doctors didn’t give her any meds until 1/2 hr. before we were born). I can believe it, because I almost dialed 911 today for yet another round of cramps that came on like thunder.

Now that I’m feeling a little better, I’m going to try calcium. A bowl of ice cream sounds really appealing, too.


Hi, sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. I had heavy periods and cramping after my first child. I always had heavy periods but they became so heavy I would have to change up to 8 super size tampons a day. I would change every half hour because any longer and I would flood. This was especially fun at work. The only good thing was that my period only lasted 4 days instead of my old 9 days.

My male OB/GYN told me not to worry, I should be happy because now I had shorter periods. He assured me that I was probably bleeding the same amount, just all at once. Leave it up to a man to think being tied to a toilet for 24 hours straight was a plus.

Finally a few months later I was seen by the nurse practitioner and when I mentioned my problem again she suggested some herbal remedies. I was desperate so I tried them. It worked! I used Wild Yam that I found in the GNC store. Later it came under the name of Mexican Yam but it worked the same way. I noticed a difference with my very next period and they became more normal in about 4 to 6 weeks. It also seemed to help with PMS. (Seems this acts as a natural hormone and supposedly makes your uterus healthier.)

I hope this helps.

I will agree with you on this Jeanette. Keri, I use to be like you (I would even get 3 - 8 day heavy flow periods per two months with cramps and all) and I could swallow twice to three times the proper dosage of Midol and Extra Strength Tylenol within an hour of each other and still no relief. My doctor suggested Aleve and it really does wonders. My periods aren’t as bad now (post birth, 31 day cycles that are still heavy but only the first 4 days, and cramps that kill with soreness in my lower body that feel like I just ran a marathon without having ever exercised) but without Aleve, that first day of cramps would be unbearable and I swear it wards off the contiuation of cramps.

As for the emotional rollar coaster, my family knows that I am irritable. Now I warn them when I am pmsing and let them know that I’m annoyed with every little thing they do and that they should just ignore me so I don’t explode over stupid little things (I personally would love to be left alone for those 2 - 3 days where I can’t stand anyone who is around me because anything they do seems extremely annoying to me).

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