"That took place in Africa in the same place where humans, chimps and gorillas diverged."


The fact that it is now judged that the elephants went their separate ways in the same place and at about the same time we humans diverged from our ape brethren may of course be a coincidence, says the BBC’s Neil Bowdler.

I like science and accept much that science has shown with regard to how the universe formed, but I have never been an evolutionist with respect to life- particularly human life.

I do not think so, but could the evolutionary Adam be the same as the Created Adam?


I think it could and probably is. God can use evolution as a means to develop material life but He infuses a soul in a rational human being from the moment of conception…that apparently first took place at some point in the distant past when a creature finally possessed a rational intellect. How and exactly when that happened to the individual creature that we call Adam we can probably never know this side of the veil.


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