The 10 Commandments and the Book of the Dead


I’ve recently seen online the argument that the 10 Commandments are taken from the Book of the Dead.

I have found many resources that debunk the theory of Mythicism, that is Christ is a rehash of Egyptian gods but I have not discovered anything with regard to debunking this claim. A common claim is that ‘spell 125’ of the Book of the Dead contains things similar to that found in the 10 Commandments.

Is anyone knowledgeable in this and could please help me out?


There’s more than one Book of the Dead. Need more information.


This is the site I got the information from.


This doesn’t really strike me as an issue. Any legal/religious code that existed in the middle east is going to contain these proscriptions. They are very basic and standard. Don’t murder. Don’t steal. Don’t commit adultery. Don’t blaspheme. Honor God (the gods). It’s all very basic, and all rooted in truths about the moral law. They’re all “no brainers” to include in such a list.

As Catholics, we don’t believe the Bible plopped down to Earth in a vacuum. Nor do we believe that all other cultures were devoid of any truth.

The idea that Good News of Jesus Christ is just a twisting of some pagan mystery cult is something we obviously need to defend against as an ugly lie. But I don’t think we need to worry about ancient mid-east cultures sharing a similar, bare-bones code of law.


Yep. A good example of this is circumcision. The ancient Jews were well aware that other cultures practiced circmcision. But for them, it was a sign of God’s covenant with Israel, which is not something it was for neighbouring culture. Now, whether or not those other cultures had it as law, I do not know, but I also know similarities don’t prove that a is the reason for b.


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