The 13th day (2009) and Finding Fatima (2010)

This is crazy! After watching videos/trailers of the 13th day and its sequel, Finding Fatima, I am just dying to watch these films. I absolutely adore Fatima and watching these movies would probably make me the happiest person alive. I have enough savings from last christmas to buy both and I plan to order them off amazon ASAP. However, I wouldn’t want my savings to go to waste. This is my first time buying something religious and I just want to be sure that what I’ll get will be worth it.

So guys, what are your thoughts on both films? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve only seen the 13th Day… I liked the movie, it has really good effects :slight_smile: it summarizes the Fatima message but not entirely. I still enjoyed it. :slight_smile: there are other Catholic movies that I’ve really liked, - for example Song of Bernadette is one of the best I’ve seen (it is old and black and white, but very good). Regarding the 13th Day, it got sort of mixed reviews, some people liked it and some not so much, but I think it’s worth seeing. I saw it with a group of other Catholics and we liked it.

God bless!

I had “The 13th Day” in my netflix queue, so I moved it up to the 1st spot. I typed in “Finding Fatima” but the movie didn’t come up. Hopefully netflix will add this movie so I can watch it. Thanks for the suggestions.:slight_smile:

Cool! Thanks for sharing. As for the song of Bernadette, I’ve heard of that as well…but I’m afraid buying that would go over my budget :p.

I don’t know much about Netflix but you could learn more about Finding Fatima over here:

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