The 1904 Little Office of the BVM

This is actually a reprint of the 1904 edition, originally by Benziger Brothers. Republished by St. Bonaventure Publications in 1999.

A must have for traditionalists. Latin AND English versions of the Office.:thumbsup:

Uses the word “Hebdomadry”.

Uses the older, traditional “Glory be…” instead of the newer “Glory to…”

Packed with indulgences.

Rubrics explained

‘hebdomadry’ :bigyikes: that’s some serious wordpower right there!

As if I ever say ‘Glory to’ even when the newer version has it written :nope:

I fail to see why.

The Breviary should be sufficient. But if you insist on it, knock yourself out. :slight_smile:


Simple (godsend for those who find flipping through a breviary not very easy), devotional and a good way to salute Our Lady every day at all hours while uniting with the prayer of the Church. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the link. When I was in the convent, we prayed the full Divine Office, being a contemplative order. But the older nuns who had entered the convent in the early 1930’s as lay sisters often said they missed the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as this was their prayer for the early years of their vocation. I have always wondered about.

Thank you and God bless you.


Oh, I will, and so will millions and millions of others. The Little Office has been around in one form or another as long as the Divine Office. Some 1st, 2nd, and 3rd orders would use the LO in addition to the DO, and some would use the LO in place of the DO. And that is the pattern today.

Many lay people who have problems with the DO, flipping back and forth to find the correct page, find the LO enables them to concentrate on the words themselves. The LO works well for families, with children, that wish to pray together. The LO also works well for those of us with a special devotion to the BVM.

Opinion: the world of prayer is big enough to accomidate both the DO and the LO.

:amen: Divine Office and LOBVM are similar enough, and yet each has certain advantages. More than enough room in this world and in our hearts for both :thumbsup:

For myself, I plan to say the LOBVM during the month of May each year in honour of Our Lady.

The 1904 Edition is also available from Angelus Press:

And from the publisher, St. Bonaventure Publications:

The notation at Angelus hasn’t been updated yet. I just bought one from there and from SBP: they’re the same edition, the 1904 ed.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.

This edition is now back in print:

St Bonnie’s press emailed me and said that it was no longer available. My copy is getting worn out.

Just thought I’d mention that the link to Angeles press that was given isn’t working on my computer…

I really like the SBP issue of the Little Office of the BVM.:thumbsup: I do not care for the english translations in the Baronius Press issue.

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