The 2006-2012 RSV-2CE Study-Bible available in Logos


The second edition Catholic Edition New Testament, Genesis and Exodus is available in Logos Bible study software:

I don't think I'm going to buy it myself because I don't think that's the best version (I think the Jerusalem Bible is better, and see ) and also because I don't like study-Bibles.

(To support the typesetting of the Jerusalem Bible, go to either of these two threads: ... and post! No initial purchase required.)


If I had Logos I would not hesitate buying this Bible and NT commentary!


That's only the NT & Genesis and Exodus, right?


Yeah. When more comes out Logos will some time after that offer an upgrade, just use the search field on

[quote="Church_Militant, post:3, topic:310819"]
That's only the NT & Genesis and Exodus, right?



Now just the Bible text, without the Study-Bible notes is available:
... it's NT, Genesis, Exodus.


To offer clarification, The Bible text offered in both these listing is** the complete** Bible text.

Only the study notes are limited to the NT, Genesis, and Exodus.


Full RSV2CE with study notes on the NT, Genesis, and Exodus.


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