The 2016 primaries and general election


Hillary Clinton approaches the 2016 primaries and general election in a commanding position. Her high popularity and name recognition thrust her above Democratic and Republican rivals in hypothetical match ups. The Republican field is more crowded, with less distance between potential candidates. Chris Christie’s early chances may be depressed by his association with the George Washington Bridge lane closure fiasco.

SOURCE: This Washington Post-ABC News poll was conducted by telephone Jan. 20-23 among a random sample of 1,003 adults. Interviews were conducted in English and Spanish on landlines and cell phones. The overall results have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points. Ther error margin is 3.5 points for the sample of 873 registered voters and five points each for the sample of 455 leaned Democrats and 457 leaned Republicans. Sampling, data collection and tabulation by Abt-SRBI of New York… The Washington Post.[size=2]Published on January 30, 2014, 12:01 a.m[/size].[/LEFT]


2016 is still a long way off. A lot can happen between now and then.


Christie is out because of bridgegate. The Republican ticket that can beat Hillary is Jeb Bush for President and Ted Cruz for Vice President.


Indeed, let’s first observe the midterm results.



Jeb Bush, yes; but I think Ted Cruz would be a liability whether at the top or the bottom of the Republican ticket.


I’m not sure the Bush name is acceptable to the party either. GWB fatigue might not be gone yet.



I agree. Where was Cruz when we needed him to filibuster the Fed chairman confirmation hearings? Or is $4 trillion of wasted debt and $150 annual billion interest expenses not worth it?


Agree on Bush’s name alone likely makes him not agreeable to the party or electable.
Cruz is a loose cannon and liability to the party.
Ryan’s generally unimpressive, albeit with some conservative values.
Christie’s likely done not solely from the bridge scandal but because he regularly works across the aisle, as should be done, in defiance of the party and mainstream voters.
Paul’s a revolutionary, establishment can’t have that.
Rubio’s almost an unknown to too many people who aren’t involved in politics.


Why is Rubio so low in the polls? Is it because he’s a Senator and not a Governor?


I’ve had quite enough Bushes for one lifetime, thanks.


Wouldn’t it be something if somehow Biden beats out Clinton for the Democratic nomination? If that happens then it would be reasonable to think that Cruz would be our next President!!!


Hillary Clinton is very rich, she gets paid hundreds of thosuands of dollars for her various speeches, apparently offering what was regarded ‘reassuring’ messages to Goldman Sachs investors. Hillary Clinton is regarded by some as part of the Washington establishment. She has a history of being accused of being involved in scandals: Whitewater controversy, Hillary Rodham cattle futures controversy, White House travel office controversy, White House FBI files controversy, blaming the anti Islam video after the attack in Benghazi. She has said some thing which make her appear quite out of touch: Saying ‘The last time I actually drove a car myself was 1996’ was one of her most recent out of touch comments.


I think that the Democrats are smart enough not to nominate Joe Biden. I don’t even think Obama would have kept him on as Vice President if he didn’t want to rock the boat.


:thumbsup: It is too early for 2016.


I’m not sure the outcome of presidential elections aren’t determined by the mainstream media. In state elections, it’s different. Now that the Justice Department is also engaged in trying to criminalize all opposition to the left’s possession of the White House, that works well with the media program.

There might be some Repub who will beat Hillary Clinton, but with the attempt to criminalize Christie, I don’t know who it would be. Personally, I can’t see Jeb Bush, Rubio, Cruz or Ryan winning the office.


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