"The 30 People the FBI Needs to Interview in its Kavanaugh Investigation"




Delay, delay, delay. Then someone will come up with 25 more!


At his point, apparently Senator Feinstein does not care for the public to see the investigation as it probably finds no wrongdoing, plan C will be “the FBI didn’t do their investigation enough”.




[First time I have heard that one.]


Who needs a thorough investigation when we can have a speedy one!


Oh, poor babies. He has been a judge for years. I guess they didn’t struggle enough to connect with someone years earlier. Articles like this are just so annoying. The
Injustice of it all. Oh woe is me! What are they going to be complaining about next?


Well if the FBI allowed them to be interviewed, they could ask them why they waited this long to share this information. And the answers would be under penalty of felony if they lie.


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