The 31-day campaign against QAnon

Most interesting article about the election I have read in a while.

Gotta love paywalls lol

Oh yeah. Sorry about that, I wasn’t thinking.

It is about a political novice who wants to try to bring civility to Washington, so he runs for Congress. He ends up running against a very confrontational candidate; he tries to resist his advisers pushing for him to respond in kind. When he finally does, it disturbs him, his wife kicks him out of the house and he drops out of the race.

A little too melodramatic, but capraesque ideals drive a nice interlude in the political stuff.

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I’ve just finished watching a documentary on Hulu called Above Majestic, it’s all about conspiracy theories, how the military/industrial cabal controls everything, about satanic rituals, child sacrifices, pedofelia, UFO’s, the Vatican, secret space program,etc, etc. Nearing the end of the program (if you can last that long), we have mentioned, Qanon, surprise, surprise, and people believe this absolute nonsense, no wonder this country is going down the gurgler with conspiracy theory cretins pedding this garbage.

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