The 3rd Sorrowful Mystery.....a question

As I pray and concentrate on the 3rd Sorrowful Mystery of the rosary…the Crowning of Our Lord Jesus Christ with Thorns… I believe the spiritual fruit of this mystery to be a Love for Humiliations and try to remember this daily.

I have come to define Love of Humiliations with the lump I get in my throat when I or my loved ones have knowingly been hurt, insulted or wronged or when life itself seems to be unfair. I do my best not to react but instead to honor the rule of thumb…“silence is often the best response.” Then I just move forward (sometimes I trip though.)

**How do you define a Love for Humiliations? **

Just wondering and hoping I’m on the right track… and still reading the best book ever written! :bible1:

I wouldn’t agree its a love for humiliations but we should ask for the gift of patience to accept all humiliations that come our way reflecting on how Jesus suffered for us.

I’m glad you mentioned that because I know that not everyone understands or “interprets?” the mysteries to offer the ame “gifts” to us. I forgot this…don’t want to come off as a martyr!

My sister-n-law admonished me one day for praying for patience…told me that God would only “heap” mountains of trials on me as a result. I don’t believe our God would have us undergo any more trials than necessary. Unless of course they’re of our own doing. :slight_smile:

A woman at my parish has warned me against praying for humility, saying that I’ll be torn down and ripped to shreds as a result. Well, YEAH! Isn’t that essentially what I am praying for? How does God give you the Grace if you don’t need it? If you want the Grace (and, more importantly, if He wants to grant it unto you), He’s going to give you the opportunity to perfect it through use! It’s hard, sure, but you’re right in that He won’t give us more than we can handle. He knows what’s best and it’s a great gift to have enough confidence in the Lord God to pray for any Grace and trust that He won’t kill you with the “opportunity.”

Sorry for the rambling. Saw a point that I thought I could relate to…I know it has nothing to do with the topic. Apologies. :slight_smile:

I remember reading somewhere that the Third Sorrowful Mystery is about courage?

I always pray for humility during the third sorrowful mystery. For some reason, I always think about Our Lord being mocked and further beaten…and all it would have taken was one thought from him, and those soldiers would have ceased to exist! And yet, he endured it with all humility…

How do I react when I feel humiliated? :eek: I have a long ways to go…

I remember a while back a priest who gave a day of prayer and shared with us this attitude…

He said don’t pray for patience, but instead say “Jesus, be my patience.” And, apply that to all the virtues like “Jesus, be my humility!, Jesus, be my compassion, Jesus be my poise” …sense of humor", etc.

This way the focus is on the power of the Lord acting in us, and us submitting to Him.

I thought that the fruit of the third Sorrowful Mystery is the “Reign of Christ in our heart”.

I have several prayer cards for guidance in reciting the rosary and some list different virtues. I do feel drawn to humility at this time in my ongoing conversion and have a long way to go. I would continue praying with the virtue in mind that helps you most.

Here is what I have for the Sorrrowful Mysteries:

1. The Agony in the Garden…Sorrow for our sins. Offering our Father sincere sorrow and regret for the sins we have committed and praying for perseverance in sinning no more.

2. The Scourging at the Pillar…Mortification of the senses. Never forgetting that my 5 senses will never experience or undergo greater distress than what our Lord first did.

3. The Crowning with Thorns…Love of humiliations. Constant growth in humility; doing my best not to react when subjected to acts of humiliation; loving my brothers and sisters despite these experiences.

4. The Carrying of the Cross…Bearing my trials. Truly accepting and embracing the trials and burdens life hands me because our Lord has already bourne the greatest of them all for me…the weight of the world’s sins on his back.

5. The Crucifixion…Forgiveness of sins. Jesus died for me so that I could have one last chance for salvation of my soul.

I agree completely, and almost said this myself. If we want something good, God is more than happy to give it to us… but He gives it to us the hard way.

Don’t pray for patience or humility because you’ll have a tough time… oh dear. :cool: I’m sure it was a picnic up on that cross.

“Crucifixion’s a doodle!”-- Monty Python, Life of Brian


EDIT: Alright… we need an official “fruit of the mysteries” thread or something, because we all seem to have different lists. :slight_smile: As a note, I pray for, ‘reign of Christ in our hearts.’ And for the agony in the garden, “God’s will be done.”

I meditated on this mystery a lot when I was suffering with migraines, when all I could do was lie in a dark room and wait for the pain to abate. this entire time of my life turned out to be a spiritual blessing, when a fellow prayer-group member suggested the migraines were allowed by God to force me to take uninterrupted time alone, quiet, in the dark, and aware of my own frailty and imperfection.

What a beautiful testimony…printed it and have it my bible as a reminder that everything we experience has a deeper purpose than at first glance…thank you for sharing.

When I meditate on the Crowning with Thorns, one thing I often do is place myself prostrate before Jesus and give Him the true adoration He deserves as our Divine King while the Roman soldiers give him such blasphemous “homage.”

take a look at this from Divine Mercy in my soul. it is regarding people being a thorn in our side, and our enemies. what Jesus said to Saint Faustina is very true: ( The Lord’s words are in quotation marks )

The Lord said to me, “It should be of no concern to you how anyone else acts; you are to be My living reflection, through love and mercy.” I answered, Lord, but they often take advantage of my goodness.

“That makes no difference, My daughter. That is no concern of yours. As for you, be always merciful toward other people, and especially toward sinners.” (1446)

“It is because you are not of this world that the world hates you. first it persecuted Me. Persecution is a sign that you are following in My footsteps faithfully”. (Jesus to suffering souls) - 1487

I think if we all followed what He stated to Saint Faustina, then life would be less complicated wouldn’t it?

Sometimes humility and meekness are misunderstood. They are viewed as synomous and as weaknesses instead of strengths.
Meekness is strength under control.
Humility is knowledge of who I am.
Regardless of the humiliations that Jesus faced, he never lost sight of who he was either as man or as God. There is a painting of Jesus being stripped before his crucifixion that reflects this reality.
To pray for the gift of humility is to ask God to show me who I am in his sight.

Hello. When I pray the 3rd sorrowfuly mystery I ask for Moral Courage. I often think how Christ spoke The Truth in his parables, in the beatitudes and in the Temple. But in the time during His Passion, he was silent…he accepted all the scourges, the insults and the accusations in silence. Everything he had done in his life especially in the last 3 years of his life, spoke volumes of love, forgiveness and peace.

We, however, have the task to continue his ministry by LIVING in truth (fidelity to Church, to family, openess to life, etc) and also by PROCLAIMING the truth (in defense of life, opposititon to In-vitro fertilization and contraception, just to name a few) to all those around us. I pray that I may have the courage to speak the truth and accept all the humiliations I may receive as a result of it.

God Bless,

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