The 43 most staggering lines from Donald Trump's Indiana speech



If ever a person wanted to see 43 examples of “fake news”, he needs not look any further than this article.
All they do is cite him and then say something snarky about each line as if it was meaningful news to do it.

Trump is a politician and is supposed to be a politician. CNN is supposed to be a news organization, but seems to do nothing but engage in partisan politics.


They made up the quotes then?


But when I start screaming ‘fake news,’ you see those red lights go off for a little while. You know, excuse me, we have technical difficulties, OK, then they go back. "

Something like this. Is there proof that people are watching tv, he starts talking about fake news, and it gets cut and people see a message that there are technical difficulties.

If it happened, when? I’m pretty sure lots of footage is out there of him saying fake news.

Why make up this story?


The more one says the more he opens himself for criticism.


My personal favorite quote:

”We’re doing a great job. And we have really no laws to work with. We have really no laws to work with. The laws are horrible. Laws are the worst and dumbest in the history of the world."


I didn’t say that. The “fake news” is the commentary. instead of just telling the news in a factual way, they couldn’t allow themselves to report anything Trump says without arguing with it or making snide comments about it. That is “fake news” just the same as inventing a story outright.


What’s the context? What laws was he talking about? If he was talking about our immigration laws, I would certainly agree with him. They’re a mishmash of things that sometimes work at cross purposes.

EVen your Dem leaders talk about wanting “immigration reform”, not just to accomplish the open borders they want, but to make a coherent whole out of it.


Yes I get that. He is your guy. Because Trump (MD) said so. And as Trump said only believe me.


trump wasn’t invited to any of McCains services or funeral.
Cant we separate this from anything else.


Well, I voted for him and unless he makes some kind of huge policy error, I will again. I don’t know what the rest of your post means.

I do think the CNN “rebuttal to snippets of Trump” was childish and stupid; a far cry from what a journalistic organization ought to be spending its time doing. And such antics are a good part of why an organization like CNN deserves to be called “fake news”. It’s not a news organization at all, but a propaganda organ.


Did he say those things or did CNN make them up? If they made it up, then it would be worse than fake news. They have every right to form their opinions based on what comes out of Trump’s mouth, as much as Fox News or anyone else. In fact, I would be surprised if Fox News didn’t jump on this as well.


Sure. But it’s not “news”. It’s political propaganda. Claiming it’s “news” condemns it, then, as “fake news”. Fox most assuredly does it too in some of its talk shows. The difference is that Fox admits it.


He’s doing the work of five years in four, don’t knock the leader of the motherland. For him there is no land across the Volga. Oh hang on I seem to have confused him with some other bloke who was noteworthy for a cult of personality.


Just like What the heck does this mean?
“We’re doing a great job. And we have really no laws to work with. We have really no laws to work with. The laws are horrible. Laws are the worst and dumbest in the history of the world.”


Where does it claim it’s “news”? It’s a blog post. It’s an opinion piece.

The only “new” in it is Trump’s own words, and nobody is claiming that the piece fabricated the quotes or anything like that.

The piece makes a couple of good points. Much of it is sophomoric. But it’s not claiming to be news reporting.


Number 10 is totally outrageous:

  1. “We’re so far ahead of schedule.”

What a monster…


It certainly is. What’s ahead of schedule? What is this schedule we’re so far ahead of?


If you told us the context, maybe we could address your question. But I’m not going to listen to his whole speech just to see what the context was. If you want to talk about it, provide it.


It doesn’t identify itself as such. But okay, that fits in with the rest of CNN’s “news”. It’s all opinion.

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