The 5 effects of Confession


Thanks Cajun! We just had an opportunity for confession after mass today! 4 priests available. No excuse to not go. :wink:


I reckon there are extra blessings. The last time I went, I briefly confessed and after a very long silence, the priest started talking about something completely different. It was about something that I hadn’t mentioned to anyone but was worrying me. He just went through things and gave guidance, no input on my side. I reckon the Holy Spirit was moving and this was a blessing to help sustain me.


I mainly go for the strength (grace).

There is and will be a battle against Satan, so the more strength you have, the tougher the trial you will be able to endure.

“deliver us from evil”

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Thanks for this reminder, Cajun :+1:t4: Even as someone who goes regularly, I often forget that the sacrament is about more than owning up to one’s sins and seeking absolution.

It had been, well, much longer than usual since I had confessed when I finally went this past week. The priest, who knows me, sighed heavily and said, “You know when you drag your feet on coming to confession that you’re just cutting off your nose to spite your face, right?” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::flushed:

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Thank you… this is good.

It reduces purgatory time… I’ll have to go more often then. I just recently went to confession for missing mass, and I definitely felt peaceful afterwards.

I may have missed this in the response’s above but I do not believe I noticed another significant effect of the sacrament of confession. It allows us to receive the Eucharist in a way that would be most pleasing to our Lord. We would not want to take the Eucharist if we felt we were in mortal sin, and if we were confession is the only way to get back to the Eucharist. Also, confession prior to the Eucharist without the committing of a mortal sin would still be the most pleasing act of respect to God and at the same time quite possibly helping to make reparations for others who do not realize how hurtful it must be to God that people in all states of sin so nonchalantly partake in the Eucharist at the mass. Granted, I hope people aren’t purposefully doing this but I’ve certainly taken the Eucharist and after reflection should have been in the confessional first. I absolutely love and need the five effects mentioned above but I think we can also remember in conjunction with those graces, strengths, etc we are receiving that we are also also doing something very pleasing to Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament of the altar by recognizing the importance to treat the Eucharist in the Most Holy and Sacred way that we can.

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