The 6000 Year Earth

Many believe that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. Yet, with the use of the scriptures, common sense and science, proof that
the earth is only about 6000 years old and that dinosaurs lived in the time of Adam and the great flood of Noah. First of all, let’s understand why man has mistakenly determined
the age of the earth. In the very first chapter of Genesis, it says that there was water above and below the firmament. Now upon
examination, it can be determined that firmament is heaven or atmosphere. According to God’s word, there was water above the firmament. So
how can this be proven? Let us examine preflood man. Man prior to the flood lived to be roughly around 900 years. We must ask ourselves what could cause man to live so long. Scientists have stated that the sun is the major factor in aging us. Now, if we put 2 and 2 together, the common sense answer to why man lived so long prior to the
flood is because they had extra protection from the sun. There was a body of water that surrounded the earth and gave it a greenhouse effect and it was this water that gave man much more protection from the sun. Now, scientists have used scientific principals based on the chemical makeup of the earth after the flood, yet, the chemical makeup of the earth was different which makes any test on material prior to the flood incorrect. What proof is there that the earth was chemically different prior to the flood is again common sense. If man had portection from the sun, so did all living things on the earth. The earth too, was protected from the toxic radiation from the sun and it is common sense that tells us that carbon dating cannot be
used to determine the age of the earth because of different chemical principals of two different earths, preflood and after flood. Now what about dinosaurs? What is a dinosaur? It is nothing more
then a reptile. Scientist have proven that as long as a reptile is living, it continues to grow. So, if we take an alligator and say it lives 100 years and grows 20 feet. What would happen if it were to live
900 years? It would have grown to be 180 feet, thus, a dinosaur. One more thing to think about the earht being in a bubble of water is that prior to the flood, man had never seen rain. That is why no one believed Noah when he said it was going to rain. At that time, the earth was watered by a mist. Another interesting thing to think about is the dramatic decrease in man’s lifespan after the flood. he began to age musch faster because he was being pelted by massive amounts of radiation from the sun. Just recently, scientists who use computers to solve unsolve crimes by taking the remains of bones to restructure and form a face of the bones were asked by creationists to do an experiment. Now, first we must understand that this forensic science has met with great success and is proven itself as reputible.
They were asked to take an average man and by comparing the physical changes in the lifetime such as bone structure and come up with a model of what man would look like if he lived to be close to 1000 years. Remarkably, around the 400 year mark, the image looked remarkably like that of Cro Magnum man and aroung the 800 year mark, man the image looked remarkably like Neanderthal man. Now, is this just coinsidence or is God’s word true. I believe the the world is just as the bible says, just around 6000 years old.

The Bible is not a sience book. Reguardless of what you protestants believe.

I doubt this person speaks for most protestants. I’ll try to be kind in my rebuke of the absurd assertions of the OP … suffice it to say many of our fellow Americans need our help in the intellectual department.

Good point & taken. :o I’ll revise my statement. It is not a science book now matter how firmly the thread starter thinks it is.

no worries friend … you made a statement in the spirit of defending your deeply held beliefs (and none of us are perfect … though I would argue we’re not all hopeless sinners either) :thumbsup:

I’ll cover a few of your mistakes.

The sun has nothing to do with carbon dating. All of us are beings based on carbon, sun or no sun.

If there was water all around the Earth as you say, there would be no life on Earth. We need the sun. Remember that exposure to the sun provides vitamin D. Plants also need the sun.

The chemical makeup of the Earth can not change. It is what it is.

Now you say that at 400 years, man looked like Cro Magnum man and when they aged him more to 800 years old he looked like Neanderthal man. Impossible, the skull structure is different.

Scientists have stated that the sun is the major factor in aging us.

Never heard that before. Our bodies have a ticking clock at which the cells have a limited life span. The sun has nothing to do with our aging.

Would you like to post which scientists have stated all of this?

What are your scientific sources for all this?

A 180 food aligator would still look like an alligator…

So show me a “modern” day T rex…or veliciraptor…or brachiosaurus…or any of the other types of dinosaurs…you can’t.

Different critters!

Just to pick up on a couple of points.

We have evidence that dinosaurs lived many millions of years ago.

In the very first chapter of Genesis, it says that there was water above and below the firmament.

Even Answers in Genesis are against you here. Large amounts of water vapour in the atmosphere would cause a runaway greenhouse effect, which would make life on earth impossible:A vapor canopy holding more than 7 feet (two meters) of rain would cause the earth’s surface to be intolerably hot, so a vapor canopy could not have been a significant source of the flood waters.

Source: AiG, "Noah’s Flood - Where did the water come from?"
If Answers in Genesis is against you on this one, I do not think that you are going to convince many other people.


Maybe the water was in the form of ice crystals in space surrounding the earth. Then, earths gravity increased for some reason, killing large dinosaurs, which had only grown so big because of the lower gravity force. Increasing the gravity gave the big dinosaurs heart attacks because of the increased strain of moving their huge bulk around the place.
Then the increased gravity pulled in the ice crystals from space which had been surrounding earth. The ice vapourized high up on entering the atmosphere, as it does. Quickly, as billions of tons of ice entered the atmosphere, the air became saturated with slightly acidic water molecules, acidic because of the high temperatures they experienced on entering the earths atmosphere.
The slightly acidic billions of tons of water gradually started to fall as rain when the air became supersaturated. The acidic rain fell constantly for weeks or months. The rain kept the temperature of the air cool to cold. The acidic nature of the rain ate into limestone beds dissolving and eroding pretty shapes in the rock, e.g. karst formations, which apparently have been eroded by water but not eroded away totally by other eroding factors common to other exposed limestone outcrops.
Finally all this water and cloud and rain made conditions intolerably cold for all the rest of the reptilian dinosaurs even to the smallest ones, as they all needed warmth and sun to function. Only furry warm-blooded mammals and an aquatic scavanger dinosaur, i.e. the crocodile, and possibly reptiles with feathers for warmth, survived the deluge.
See, simple.

Somehow, I thought my salvation depended upon what I believe about Jesus Christ, not the age of the planet earth.

That’s the impression I get from reading His own words on the subject.

If there was water all around the Earth as you say, there would be no life on Earth. We need the sun. Remember that exposure to the sun provides vitamin D. Plants also need the sun.

The water was above our atmosphere and below outer space. Naturally the water would provide more protection without prohibiting completely the life giving sunlight

Gen. 1: 7 And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.

And your SOURCE for all of this is what, exactly?

How do you logically explain the dinosaurs? Sedimentary rock that is millions of years old? Fossils within that rock?

Go on…

I don’t think the Bible says any such thing but Bishop Ussher did draw that conclusion a few centuries ago. I wonder if I might ask why it matters to you how old our world is? I mean, if you did manage to prove Bishop Ussher’s case how would it help you or indeed any of us to grow spiritually?


Sorry to interrupt Catholic. I’m not a scientist but the whole theory of sedimentary rock being millions of years old cannot be proven successfully. The reason it’s believed to be that old is because of the layering effect and assigning a time frame it would take for each layer to form. But if we study the effects of an enormous flood like what we read in the Genesis account, it explains the sedimentary rock forming in layers like we see now. The recession of large masses of water would cause the sediment to become layered as we see now.

Hey guys and gals, I think we got us somebody that wants to start an argument about the scientific accuracy of the Bible (which can’t be done) without being able to justify their claim. In otherwords a troll.

There is a great deal of evidence for the old age of the earth, see How Old is the Earth.

The reason it’s believed to be that old is because of the layering effect and assigning a time frame it would take for each layer to form.

In general we cannot measure the age of sedimentary layers, what is measured is the age of volcanic deposits interleaved in the sedimentary layers. We know that sedimantary layers can form slowly or quickly - scientists have know this since Pompeii was buried quickly and not slowly.

Even with slow deposition we can see that the earth is older than Young Earth Creationists would have us believe. There are over 100,000 annual varves in Lake Suigetsu in Japan, over a million in Lake Baikal in Russia and over a million in the Green River formation in the USA.


You better put down whatever you have been reading and pick up a real science book. The water you think would protect us from the damaging rays of the sun does not. I can tell you from experience that you will get just as bad a sunburn on an overcast day as a clear one. Why? Because the damaging ultraviolet rays go right through the clouds (water). It is not the clouds or your high flying water that protects the earth from the sun but the magnetic field which protects us from the cosmic rays.

I think an interesting question to ask people who hold this view is what happened to the water after it “receded”? What these individuals do is try to give some “natural” explanation for where the water originated, all the while ignoring a “natural” explanation for where the water went afterwards. Clearly, whether the flood was global or local, or whether it took place where it appears to in the Biblical timeline or some remote time before this, it was a miraculous event. I find it ironic that these young-earthers can’t just call it miraculous. Instead they try to come up with all these “natural” explanations, but what they end up with are some serious inconsistencies.

I do not subscribe to the OP though the idea of much of Earths water being above the surface is interesting to ponder. If any one could do the math to determine the current volume of water on Earth; how thick a ‘water shield’ would be formed if it was something like 200 miles above the surface which is where the Space Shuttle orbits. If it was only a few millimeters or a few meteres thick, and how that would affect the sun’s energy passing through.

How the Flood would relate is also interesting with such a scenerio.

With respect to the evolution of man I think there is something to consider that is often overlooked- the rate of population growth.

This example from the net:
World population:
Jul. 1, 2008: 6,706,993
2000: 6,070,581
1965: 3,334,874
1900: 1,650,000
1000: 310,000
500 BC: 100,000
10,000 BC: 1,000

Take it for what it is worth but it shows at least that in the last 45 years human population grew exponentially to the point of doubling. If, as evolutionsists claim, humans evolved over millions of years to some magic point in Earth history when lower species were eliminated, but were fully human as much as a few hundred thousand years ago, from that point it would suggest the Earth would be much more crowded than it is now.

Chinese history dates back a few thousand years, and I am not sure what population those ancient city-states held so I find the 100,000 humans in 500BC difficult to accept on its face but I don’t think it was millions either so something other than wars and plagues should account for the differences.

*edit: The table is thousands so the 100,000 in 500 BC is 100 million persons. So, that makes 1 million people in 10,000 BC.

Always interesting to think about.

I think this hits right to the heart of the argument. I personally don’t care how old the earth is. It may be millions or only thousands of years old. But it seems that those who push for an older earth do so because they want to refute the existence of GOD and push evolution, the big bang theory etc. etc.

I think it’s 2 different arguments but somehow they get mixed.

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