The 7 Storey Mountain


For spiritual reading, I have tried to read Merten’s book “7 STORY MOUNTAIN” twice. When it first came out it was hyped as a great insightful book written by a mystic monk. I tried to read it years ago and again a while back. I just couldn’t get into it or develop an interest in his writings. Therefore when his other books came out I just didn’t want to read them-no interest. It seemed to me that I was trying to digest a ‘me’ book-an all about T. Martian. Did anyone else have trouble with this book? Sometimes I think I should go back and try to read it again. What do you think?


I loved the Seven Storey Mountain from the first time I read it back in 1993. I just felt a kind of connection with Merton from the start, the way one sometimes does with an author, and I shared what I felt to be his enthusiasm. In his subsequent books, the authors he mentioned set the course for my spiritual reading for over 25 years. Am I gushing? :star_struck: Yes, probably, but he had that effect on me.

But I understand if you or anyone else doesn’t feel the same way. There are many books by respected authors that I’ve tried to read but just couldn’t finish. It could be that the time was just right for me at that particular stage In my life when I first read Merton.


Start with something else like “Seeds of Contemplation”.


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