The $99 ROBOPET for the elderly: Hasbro unveil bizarre catbot that purrs, meows and moves like a real feline


Anyone who thinks is something other than a toy only, should be made aware.



It’s a toy. I have no problem agreeing with that.

That being said, even a toy may bring comfort to someone.


The Joy For All Companion Pet was created by Hasbro to bring comfort to senior citizens.

The robotic cat is batter-operated, and has VibraPurr device to make purrs seem realistic.

You know, when I get old, I’m not going to want something I have to be making batter for every day. At least let me make it into a cake! :smiley:

But anyway, the reason that people connect with pets is that they are other living beings. Robots are not. I think this is an idea that has missed the point.



Yes, it’s the love from/for another living thing that brings joy.

I could only see this helping in a children’s ward or with someone who couldn’t have any contact with a living animal.


No thanks. I’ll take my beautiful living cat, thank you very much.


They have actually shown good results with these types of “toys” in JapanThis can be attributed to Japans animist leanings where inanimate objects are believe to have “souls” just as living things do.

I don’t know if this type of thing would work in western nations.

It’s a good effort though…


No shedding fur? No litter box? No throwing up hairballs? That sort of cat would bring me comfort.


I looked it up and watched it on youtube. If I was one of the old people they gave it to, I would have felt offended that people would have thought I would like that. Overall, it’s sad, pathetic, and offensive all the way around; sad that people should give it, sad for the people who get it, and sad for cats that some people actually think this can replace them. :frowning:


I doubt it would be realistic enough to fool an actual cat owner.

That said, I don’t think it will happen but I hope that it doesn’t decrease the numbers of cats being adopted from animal shelters.


In the video they showed it being used exclusively by people in elder care. Since most facilities don’t allow pets, it may have a role to play.


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