The abortion debate; Ireland


Some of the placards are terrifying as reflection of modern womenhood .


I cannot understand how it is perfectly ok to “murder” a baby in the womb, an innocent baby with no say whatsoever. All a person has to do is Google images of aborted babies…God help us!

But like I read time and time again…“It’s only a foetus” right!?


A;most in tears of sheer frustration! All those sturdy, healthy young girls and apparently all they can think of is having sex and destroying the natural consequences?

Not sure if folk there realise why and how SSM got in?

The organisers were very skilled and knew which buttons to press here in Ireland. The ditty was “God loves everyone… God wants everyone to be happy.”

This is why the govt is trying to avoid a full scale referendum over abortion.

“Family” means a huge amount here and if a young adult is in tears or distress over not being allowed to get married? Mothers will give in. And the same will happen re abortion when the girl is in tears. Saying she will be “forced” to get on the boat to England.

Oh they ejected one person from the Citizens Assembly as they found she was a leader in Pro-Choice.


I cannot understand why any woman would carry a baby in her belly for NINE MONTHS, and then suddenly decide, “Oops, I changed my mind, I would rather kill the baby than go into labor,” and pay an abortionist EVEN MORE MONEY to kill her baby. Does that make sense to anyone? Are we in the pro-life community expected to believe that women just arbitrarily get pregnant for kicks and giggles, only to wait NINE MONTHS until they go into labor for abortionists to start yanking already-born (since there’s no such thing as “partially born”) babies and murdering them en masse? Babies get killed in first-trimester abortions, too.


And the “dignity” of the politicians…


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