The abortionist and his No. 1 foe

The abortionist and his No. 1 foe

Bellevue, Nebraska (CNN) – When you cross The Line of Death onto clinic property, the protesters stare at you. They get on walkie talkies and relay information: Your car. What you look like. Any identifying detail.
“Take a look around you, sir,” one woman shouts. “The place is a dump.”
The parking lot at Dr. LeRoy Carhart’s clinic in Bellevue, Nebraska, is crumbled. A giant sign reads “Abortion & Contraception Clinic of Nebraska.” Paint peels off the sides of the building, once a motorcycle shop, a car dealership showroom and an electronics store.
Wooden stairs lead to the front door, where visitors must pass through a metal detector. The office is clean and modernized, a complete contrast to its exterior. The waiting room is lined with leather chairs. A vending machine offers M&Ms, Hershey’s and condoms.


This is pretty sad. This Carhart guy is messed up. As much as he thinks he does, he has no concept of right and wrong or good and evil.

Pretty good article from CNN of all things.

See, maybe the tides are turning.

Except what worries me is the pro-abortion people who admit it’s a life… we might also be getting into a sticky situation

Ya I read the article a few days ago, posted it here too. I suppose next time I post I will put part of the article up lol maybe thats why no one read mine lol. But in all seriousness I find this man’s state of mind very disturbing and it makes me very sad and distressed to know that there are people out there who seem to have no concept of good and evil. I feel that we need to do more to try and stop abortion and stop evil men like these.

It really isn’t surprising that a late term abortionist knows exactly what he is doing. Of COURSE he does, he spends hours a day pulling legs, arms torsos and crushed skulls out of women’s wombs! Denial is pretty much out of the question.

What IS surprising is that he has the boldness to ADMIT in plain English what he is doing to a reporter. Maybe he expected the reporter to be friendlier to his cause and edit appropriately??

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