The ACLU expects more religious freedom bills to be introduced in 2017 than ever before following Trump's election


The ACLU expects more religious freedom bills to be introduced in 2017 than ever before following Trump’s election


The ACLU is an anti-Catholic, left-wing front group that does not fundamentally understand the First Amendment.


The ACLU is concerned that laws might be passed that protect civil liberties?


And that would be bad because?


Because what could be worse than a Cross on top of a Christmas tree? :shrug:

So many lawyers who collectively spent so many years in law school wasting time with such nonsense.


It perpetuates the illusion that Church and State are, or could ever be, separate?

All governments also have an established Church which guides the formation of legislation. In the United States that was previously a kind of generic non-sectarian Protestantism. In all of the modern West, it is that same generic Protestantism’s bastard offspring, which we might call Progressivism. In any case the best that any non-favoured religion can hope for is toleration.


The cross on the tree was not the ACLU but the freedom from religion foundation which hates religion


The ACLU doesn’t raise issue against the display of a cross on government property unless the cross is displayed with prohibitions to iconography of other religious and non-religious classifications.


Because people would be allowed to have their own opinions without being thrown in jail, fined or having their livelihood taken away.

To the totalitarian left (a subset of the left wing spectrum), this is a scary thought. To them, the worst thing in the universe is not nuclear war, or genocide, but that someone has a different opinion that disagrees with them.

To them, the biggest heresy is the phrase “you are entitled to your opinion” - no, they believe you are entitled to their opinion only.


Exactly, unless you allow a Satanic icon there too, and an Islamic one, and a Hindu one and a Pastafarian one (And I might make up some other religion like Pastafarianism so I can make a further mockery of it) etc etc, Obviously that is not only impractical and thus cannot be done or agreed to, but also total lunacy and thus the end game is still the same, the removal of any public reference to Christianity, which was their goal from the get go.

I am familiar with their tactics, it’s frustrating when people try to spout (or buy into) the same fallacious narratives the ACLU and ‘Freedom From Religion’ use in order to attack Christianity.

Our laws and nations (Australia and USA) are founded on Judeo Christian values, not on Sharia Law or Satanism.

I hope this has helped

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Maybe when these same people argue for the removal of the Statue of Liberty because it depicts a Roman goddess (Or as they would say, fairness by erecting equally sized statues of all religions), then I might take them seriously (Still think it stupid but take them seriously nonetheless). But considering it’s mostly Christianity they take offense to, I know what their game is.

Well, not completely, there are probably more I don’t know about or struggle to get my head around or can only see in hindsight, as they are smart people, certainly smarter than myself (If only they were good/honest as well as smart), but I believe I am becoming more familiar with them.

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I don’t understand why this is so complicated. In Boston we have a nativity set in the park. There is also usually a Star of David. A couple years ago the atheists put up a sign that said something like “Reasons Greetings” (I don’t get it either). It’s nice when everybody can get along.


It’s been Baphomet in more recent incidents, but news organizations keep calling it Satan.

My understanding is that a goal is to avoid government sanctioned establishment of a single religious position to the exclusion of all others. It’s not specificlying anti-Christian. I can understand why it may seem like it is anti-Christian since instances of other religious positions being granted exclusive privileges is less common. Consider too that the ACLU has taken cases in support of someone being able to engage in a religious practice. Btw: implementations of Islam are mostly iconoclastic and don’t depict living things.

I don’t think there is much Concern for “dead” religions. There is also Lady Iustitia on many Court houses. If I looked hard enough I might be able to find Atlas somewhere. Also I think the case about “In God We Trust” being printed on money may have set a precedent (did I spell that correctly?:slight_smile:) for any case brought up concerning that.

“In God We Trust” motto on U.S. currency does “not have a religious purpose or advance religion, nor does [it] place a substantial burden on appellants’ religious practices,” reads the Second Circuit ruling.


And then it comes back to how Atheism is apparently a ‘non belief’ and therefore immune to their fallacious reasoning and thus now to reign supreme, very clever of them but like I said, I can see right through it even if many people can’t and buy into their fallacious reasoning.

God Bless & Merry Christmas … oops, id better be careful sayin’ that. I’m on an anonymous forum board though so I’m safe. :wink:

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I do prefer this way over no images.


And what religion is a baphomet supposed to represent? what are their teachings and world view?

Other Atheists are adopting Satanism in order to further attack Christianity, they can dress it up and reason it any way they want, but it’s clear their is malice involved and disdain for Christianity.

That’s what they want people to think.

Because in order to appear ‘fair’ it would have to appear anti all religion, and because our nations are founded on Judeo Christian Values, Christianity is a larger target in our Nations, if it were the Middle East it would be Islam etc.

This is what the New Atheists argued to begin with and want, and the New Atheists are also immune to this line of fallacious reasoning, how convenient for them.

Yes, they take a very strict view on idolatry. There is still the crescent moon though.

What happened to the so called ‘fairness’ in regards to religious minorities?

lol, we’ve all made spelling blunders. I’ve had some shockers on this forum, and it’s the worst when the edit button has gone. :slight_smile:

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It’s appeared on tarrot cards and the the Knights Templar was accused of worshiping this figure. Without getting any further into the back story in modern times it is most often used by LaVeyan Satanist as a mascot of types. Note that LeVeyan Satanist do not believe that Satan exists or that any God/gods exists.

I think you may be thinking of interactions with LeVeyan satanist here.

Have you ever seen them act in a manner that is not consistend with the establishment clause?

Who is being treated unfairly and in what way are they being treated unfairly?

I expect more people to be using phones and mobile devices on sites with time and a higher error rate simply because of auto-correct.


Obviously we have to be respectful to the large religious community of Baphometism in our countries who have played such a key role in our civilization’s development :banghead:

It is the religion of secular political correctness that is being established through institutions of the state.

It is this which must be opposed. When people talk about the separation of church and state they are talking about a godless politically correct state dominating all other religions by banishing them from the public sphere and replacing them with the godless political correct religion…


So it is in reference to Satanism.

I’m sure they are totally sincere and have no I’ll will toward Christianity lol.

Yup. But Satanists are Satanists, whether sincere or not, they are both trying to read from a similar hymn book, they will both push Tarot cards, Ouija boards, Abortion pretty much whatever is anti Christian, either because they believe it or because they want to attack Christianity, I’m sure they both share a disdain for all things Christian, the only exception I think are those who are just very naïve.

And by the same token, Christians share a disdain for all things Satanic, the two can’t co-exist (unless one throws logic and reason out the window and believes in neither) You need to choose.

There is no way I would give my life for a nation that embraced Satanism.

I used their same line of reasoning against the Statue of Liberty, but I believe you tried to get out of it by referring to it as a ‘dead’ religion and therefore somehow immune to the reasoning that all religions should be treated equally and given equal light (Which you can’t erect equally sized statues of all religions there, that would be preposterous) and therefore having to remove the Statue of Liberty.

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lol, I was watching a bit of FOX today, and they had a story about a Satanic thingo being set up next to a Nativity scene around Christmas, I mean, how dumb is that? I’m glad Trump & Pence won.

God Bless & Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

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