The ACLU Got $24 Million in Donations Just This Weekend


When asked for a reaction to the unprecedented number of donations the American Civil Liberties Union received over the weekend, a spokesperson said one word: “Wow.” The organization had already seen an uptick in donations since the election, but a final number crunch revealed that the ACLU received $24,164,691 in a single weekend — that’s six times its average annual online donations.


People are waking up to the reality of our current political situation and are supporting those who protect the rights of Americans. I’ve donated to the ACLU and Lambda Legal and a number of local organizations.


Good for you! We are about to move, but once we get an idea of our new monthly budget, we’ll see if we can donate anything and decide where to donate.


I’m torn on this. The ACLU has participated in quite a few anti-Catholic and anti-religious liberty efforts in the past. Anyone know of another organization offering legal help to immigrants and refugees that has a better record?


World Vision? I have a friend who works there.


The ACLU will never receive a cent from me as long as they continue to sue Catholic Hospitals, Catholic Schools, Catholic Universities, and most importantly continue to be pro-abortion.


Some Catholic parishes and Catholic Charities in most (if not all) dioceses.

I believe you can earmark donations to Catholic Charities for this.


There are a lot of local and some national groups that do this work. Maybe try googling “immigrant rights” and your location to find a local organization.


Yeah I’m in the same boat. After we finish budgeting for next month I too intend to donate. The ACLU appear to be more important than ever before with Trump in DC.


I think it’s reasonable to be careful about this. Remember that the USCCB, which receives donations from Catholics everywhere, used to give money to ACORN until one of its officers looted a million dollars from the organization.

I do donate to our own diocesan charity. It’s all spent locally on hands-on charitable projects. It does not do things like import refugees in order to get federal grants for resettlement then dump them on communities like some of other organizations have done.

Anymore, one really has to look closely at any organization purporting to finance lawsuits, because you don’t know whether the money is going to go to what you intend, or whether it’s going to be spent defending euthanasia or attacking the Church.


That does it. Me neither. Not something that is against my religious belief. Abortion is a sin and I am not going to be a part of it. I don’t want my money to kill another unborn and against my Lord.


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