The Amazing Grace Song

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I am jumping on here after a very long time of being away and need your help. I once read on this forum replies to another poster who asked about the Protestant song “Amazing Grace.” I remember reading one member’s attachment which came directly from the Canon clearly stating that the Amazing Grace song, being Protestant, should not be sung/played during the sacred Liturgy. Can anyone please share again that canonical code so that I may show it to the music master at my parish, who always sings and/or plays “Amazing Grace” during the reception of Holy Communion.

I would also like the Canon code to where it states that a Risen Christ should not be displayed behind the High Altar, which I am finding now in most parishes. I need to show this to a few Church members who are interested in reading this for themselves in the Canon.

Thank you much and I hope to get replies asap.

From the 2002 General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) approved for the United States: “117. … Also on or close to the altar, there is to be a cross with a figure of Christ crucified.”

The Code of Canon Law, canon 846 requires the liturgical books be faithfully followed. Therefore, an image of the Risen Christ should never replace the Crucifix. Not until the past few generations would churches even begin to think of doing such an action. Let us pray for an end to modernism.

I don’t know the canon code, but I think the reason that Amazing Grace does not belong in a Catholic Mass is because it appears to support the OSAS heresy, not necessarily because it is protestant in and of itself. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

I’d be interested in finding out the canon as well.

I’m not real sure about the Amazing Grace song, but I too have heard on occasion that it should not be used in the Mass.

As for what Seminarian Matt said, is an image of the Risen Christ acceptable near the altar so long as there is also a crucifix present?

Why do people actually like that song “Amazing Grace” when it is so horribly composed, not to mention, overplayed.

Anyway, there are also statements from Pope Benedict XVI about the music at the Liturgy, so you may want to find them as well. I know his book "The Spirit of the Liturgy was recommended to me and may address these issues as well as point out canon law in the footnotes.
He also has released some documents on this issue.

Speaking from my perspective which I’m sure could be backed up by official teachings, it is wrong to accept protestant songs into our spiritual practice because it shows a degree of acceptance and Catholics who want to be CATHOLIC, want nothing to do with protestantism, it is a repulsive thought.

Just love that song, but I don’t think we sing it a Mass. It really needs a big busty gospel singer to do it right. My attitude is if you all know your Faith why would a little heresy in a hymn bother you all. There is lots of worse stuff on the radio and tv.

why would a little heresy during Mass bother me? You’re kidding, right? Any heresy during Mass bothers me.

There is lots of worse stuff on the radio and tv.

And it can stay on radio and tv, not during Mass, please.

I didn’t say anything about heresy at Mass. That was your assumption. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. There are some very pleasing protestant hymns on the radio and on cds. Easy listening. Then ther are some easy listening Catholic ones also. I heard a raft of old Marian Hymns today as well as Panis Angelicus and so forth and at the moment I am hearing “Here I Am Lord.” Ya maybe too electic for some.

This one answers the first question and links to an earlier post stating the reason.

One reason I hate that hymn are these lyrics;

"When we’ve been there ten thousand years, etc.

As a protestant even, I always thought sitting on a cloud for 10,000 years singing a hymn, then starting all over again seemed an awfully negative concept.

Since becoming a catholic I have learnt that there is no time as such, as in; its all past,present and future rolled into one. We are in “Gods time”. So we can spend “time” understanding how a spider can design a web, or how one single person changed history right through time: Now that sounds much more interesting and enlightening.

That is my favorite verse. It has always given me a sense of how long and wonderful eternity will be. I spoke too soon earlier. The played Amazing Grace at the Offeratory this morning. I guess after scanning through the words a few times that it is a stretch to plainly see OSAS there. Takes a mind set I guess.

Amazing Grace happens to be one of the favorite hymns of Black Americans, so it will probably have a touch of Folk Religion. There are 3 or 4 versions, and they are old fashioned Gospel music that touches my soul.

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