The amazing Peter Schiff--and his snickering critics

Here’s a link to the youtube documentary contained in the news article

you HAVE to watch this video; TRUST me on this one:

The news article is from a few days ago, here’s something from Nov 20th in his appearance on CNBC:

I believe there are spiritual implications to what Peter Schiff is saying economically. I think it should be self explanatory when you see the two videos. Here’s some breaking news that is further confirmation if we needed anymore that we need to start listening to Peter Schiff and his radical view that recession is the solution not the problem and that we need to produce and save, not consume and borrow:

"Citigroup May Seek Merger as Stock Plunges Further"

He may have a point. Recessions may simply the result of what happens after an “exhaust valve trips.” Push any engine too hard and it blows up.

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