The Amazing Spiderman, new Spidey movie

Just saw this yesterday and enjoyed it quite a bit. At first I thought it was WAY WAY too soon to already be doing another Spiderman movie after we had the three starring Tobey Maguire. I really enjoyed this vision of Spiderman though, I think it was more true to the comic book, visually stunning, and less cheesie. Anyone else see this yet? Also, can’t wait for Dark Knight Rises this month!


I’ll go this weekend. The trailer seems encouraging but the ‘new’ Peter Parker…:confused:
I’m a Tobey Maguire supporter.

Batman? The new ephisode? Wow!!! I really really love this series with Christian Bale and naturally I’ll see it.

I saw the new Spider-Man yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I was worried about the reboot so soon as well but I thought they did a good job of not only making it closer to the comics but giving it a different feel from the other Spider-Man movies.

I think one thing I’ve always loved about Spider-Man is the story is a bit about growing up and learning to handle new responsiblities without failing at the old ones. I really felt that this movie demonstrated this. IMO

I think Spiderman is definitely worth a theatre visit if you’re a superhero or comic book lover, I prefer a Saturday matinee because of the cheaper price of course though.

I think you’ll be pleased with the new Peter Parker, I thought Andrew Garfield was great in the role. I also really liked Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, a great summer flick.

Yes I have loved the first two Batman movies with Christian Bale and I think this one will be great too! It will be tough to top Heath Ledger as the Joker though.

Was wondering whether to go and watch, from the posts so far I will be going for sure. Must just find a way to drag hubby with he’s not a fan at all.

Based on the trailer this worth a dvd viewing at best.

I enjoyed it to the max! I think the dude that acted as Peter Parker/Spider-man ate the role.


It was so funny the scene where Stan Lee appears as cameo at the Library!!!

I plan on seeing it this Weekend. I love the return of the web shooters, so much closer to the comics. (Although Spidey Noir has the natural stuff, but he can’t climb walls, go figure!?)

Batman 3 I plan on seeing too, as does my nephew, who has kinda switched from Spidey to Batman.

Now all they gotta do is make a Justice League movie series, add a few more Avengers sequals and then ultimately create the Three part movie saga, The Justice League meets the Avengers, and I’ll be a happy Catholic, Geek! ^^

I went into this film kind of expecting it to be a total reboot… Instead what I got was a kind of Spidey 4 with an “origin story” attached to it…

Which I liked!!!

Makes you wonder if this film was a reworked Spiderman 4 screenplay that they took the “Villian and romance stories” from the Raimi vision and added a quick “origin story rewrite” to it. Raimi was going to have the Lizzard as the villian too with a simular plot, but obviously with that other actor from Spiderman 2/3 playing the part.

I liked Andrew Garfield in the lead role, and had it just been a straight sequel with him in it just taking over from Tobey(who is obviously too old now) but still playing the part the way he does it here, I probably would have actually liked it more. The origin story was however very patchy and clunky in parts. I say clunky because the Maguire/Raimi version from Spiderman was much more polished, and faithful to the comic book in my opinion, party due to Cliff Robertson who WAS Uncle Ben and obviously the scene with the Macho Man Randy Savage as Bonesaw… which I actually missed in this new version of the origin story.

Martin Sheen and Sally Field were great, but as I said Cliff Robertson was always going to be hard to follow, But I like the fact that Sheen played the character in a more cynical manner.

Gwen Stacey was better cast in this film than in the previous one… Much better.

If you’re looking for something very diffrent to Raimi’s Spiderman, then go looking elsewhere… (Also Spidey Noir DOES climb walls, as shown several times in the red costume in the first film… He just preferred the quicker way)

Apart from the new origin story, the film really proceeds to play out like the originally planned Spiderman 4(which of cause, it kind of is, only it isn’t).

With that in mind, I actually found the “return of the web shooters” to be somewhat unconstructive and rather an afterthought, considering he pretty much uses them exactly the same way. Actually as shown here Spiderman Noir doesn’t climb walls.

oh ok

There are a zillion and one alternate universe versions of Spider-man, the Ultimate line of Marvel Comics for example debuted a black Spiderman to replace it’s version of Peter Parker who has been killed off.

I actually thought when you said “Spidey Noir” you were referring to black suit Spiderman from Spiderman 3. Noir is the french word that means black(hence it’s use in pop culture to reference things that are romantically “dark”)

Yes as it is with Spiderman noir which is set in a typical noir universe in 1930’s New York. I did not mention Spiderman noir first however, that was another poster. The black suit Spiderman some times wears goes back in the comics to the mid 1980’s and was found by him on alien world and later revealed to be an alien symbiote which ushered in later villians such as Venom who chose to wear it after Spiderman abandoned doing so. Although he has worn black again on some occassions. I like the black suit myself.

No, that was me, who made reference to Spidey Noir.

lol technically he is half black, half hispanic…

Although I like his costume design the best out of all of them!

Even better than my OC SpiderMan character Spiderman 1840

I really enjoyed the Sam Rami Spiderman films despiete there many faults. I can’t say this new one looks good from the trailers. After reading reviews I am really doubting it will be good. I am sure it will be watchable. It has a good enough cast though I am guessing the story will be lacking. I am probably going to wait for it to go on DVD or to the dollar theatre before I see it. Who knows maybe it will suprise me.

On another note I am extremely pumped for the Dark Knight Rises! :cool: :thumbsup:

It made me really want to date Andrew Garfield. Wonder if he’s anything like peter parker in real life… :heart:

I’m also considering dying my hair blonde next instead of red again. :smiley:


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