The Amazing Spiderman, new Spidey movie

It’s worth watching partly because it doesn’t cut cleanly loose from the Raimi series and still feels like a 4th Spiderman film.

I don’t see how it would feel like a 4th film. Its retelling the origin story. I don’t mind the re-boot. I liked the Raimi movies but Tobey is getting a little old to play Spiderman anyways. Garfield doesn’t look nerdy enough for Parker either. Just look at his hair lol.

I think Emma Stone looks better in red, not that has anything to do with you though. :smiley:

It includes characters that were first introduced in the third film(although Dr Connors obviously first appeared in Spiderman 2), and the “Villian story” is identicle to what Raimi originally proposed. The singular script, which began as Spiderman 4, was in continous writing from roughly 2008 onwards eventually leading to the film we eventually got. It was never fundamentally re-written and after the origin story is established, the plot pretty much follows Raimi’s proposed story(Lizard’s origin, revelations he was “watching over peter for his parents sake” and his subsiquent attempt to take over the city), but without Felicia Hardy(who ironically was going to be played by Anne Hathaway) and the Vulture(was not however going to be the lead villian), who were in the original 2008 Screenplay.

Ah ok. I am sure it feels completely different with a new cast, director, and soundtrack though.

Went to see it last night, loved it. Dragged my husband and youngest son along and they were both well pleased with it, coming from my husband that’s high praise!!

I saw it opening day. Work let out early, so I caught a matinee. Enjoyed it, and thought especially the finale was one of the best in the Spidey movie series thus far.

But, did anyone else besides me not care for Sally Field as Aunt May? Give me Rosemary Harris (from Raimi’s trilogy) any day.

Rosemary Harris and Cliff Robertson could never be replaced… Especially the latter who was perfect as Uncle Ben.

That having been said I liked how Sally Field and Martin Sheen simply decided to give an all round new interpretation rather than just try and copy the original actors.

I just saw it, I kept thinking Spidey was going to eventually join Cerberus. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought it was a good movie, but since I grew up watching the shows (both the “old” show and the 90s version where cops had guns that had laser beams instead of bullets and Spidey wasn’t allowed to say things like “die”) some scenes in the film were a bit odd to me. (I’m used to Parker getting into wrestling in costume, for instance.) Maybe it was a bit closer to the comics? I’ve never read them so I have no idea.

Anyways, it was still good, but I’m glad I went on half price Tuesdays.

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