The amazing story of Kevin Monk's survival 328725749900210175.txt
for those who believe is euthanasia for comatose victims, this is why we shouldn’t even consider it.

I really like the last lines of this story of his comeback after being in a coma…and doctors tried to have his parent’s pull the plug…

I love Tuesday mornings," Monk said. “I’m glad I can come and do this. Period, I’m glad I can do anything.”

But his favorite part is witnessing to the people living there. He doesn’t want them to be afraid of death because he knows there is something more.

“He brings a lot of comfort to the people at Sierra Hills because he tells them about heaven and how wonderful it is,” Janice said. “He’s made a big difference in a lot of people’s lives.”

Inspiring story. Thanks for sharing it! God bless you. :slight_smile:

One of many stories of people condemned to the pulling of the plug, who woke up and made a lot of peole look foolish. Being in a coma is not dead. We must all learn that. Roanoker

You got that right.

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