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Hi, I am a Latin Rite Catholic, but I came back to the Catholic first through Byzantium before returning back to my patrimony. I am contemplating joining the Order of the Friar Preachers [The Dominicans] and they are known for not necessarily having their own “spirituality” to them, rather they are a pretty balanced order whose spirituality is both Active and Contemplative, but I was curious to know what Religious Order in the Latin part of the Church best reflects the spirituality of Byzantine Catholics? (Benedictine, Carmelite, Carthusian, Trappist, Franciscan) PICK Only One that you’d say best reflects.

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There is the Society of St. John of Holy Trinity Monastery which is an eastern Catholic community in Eagle Harbor, Michigan which follows the rule of St. Benedict but takes much inspiration from the writing of St. Basil and St. John Cassian. They celebrate liturgy according to the Byzantine Tradition. This is their website:
However, the most eastern Latin Rite community by tradition is the Carmelites as they were founded on Mt. Carmel by Jerusalem.

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