The Anglican Church,it Had To Happen!


Hello everyone,
I have just read an article of news,the first I think of many more cracks to appear in the Anglican church.It was bad enough when they “ordained” women “priests”,now two Church of England “priests” have got “married”!!!. The ceremony took place at ST. Bartholomew the Great in the City of London last month.Their names are,the Rev. Peter Cowell,and Rev. Dr. David Lord.The Archbishop of Uganda,the most rev.Henry Orombi said,"The leadership tried to deny that this would happen,but now the truth is out.Our respect for the Church of England will erode unless we see a return to traditional teaching.“Under Church of England guidance they can enter a civil partnership if they promise not to have sex”.This is the first time a traditional marriage service has been held for a same sex couple,instead of the usual civil one.Can this Church sink any lower?, I think it can and will,look out for falling rocks as the foundations of this already unstable organisation finally crumble under the weight of it’s sin.May God help them to see the wrong they are doing.

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Lord help the church, His Body…


This is turning out to be a good thing, with an enormous segment of the Anglican Church apparently heading back into the Catholic Church.

One cannot serve God and Mammon both, so such practices will tend to send the faithful Romeward and hasten the day when all Christ’s people are once again reunited as one.


am glad i got out when i did.

also on top of that, the archbishop seems to deny the virgin birth of our Lord.

its a ‘legend’ and it does not matter, you don’t have to believe in it to be a Christian.

this is the Traditional Anglican Communion website and has some interesting articles, and does talk about the possibility of joining the Catholic Church


and in Denmark we have a state church - sort of - where a pastor said he does not believe in God. He was allowed to stay while another one was thrown out for taking the liturgy very seriously and pastors who wont remarry people are faced with harassment from their colleages.
------ :frowning: I dont understand why certain good pastors stay there… yes, I would say they would be better off starting a new church for those who take it seriously.
However… we also have a Catholic Church here that lacks vision which means that many people choose Islam over Catholicism once they leave liberal protestantism… what they look for is a religion that stands firm on its own faith.


Did I read this right? Two gay priests got married?


yes you did

they have to abstain from sex though.

the communion is falling apart…


I am a little concerned that this is going to pressure the Catholic Church into forced acceptance of religious refugees fleeing social instability rather than theological error . What we have are a legion of competing Protestant errors that have infested the Anglican religion. These are basically fleeing the disorder and anarchy caused by liberalism and erosion of social conservative order more so than they are fleeing invalid theological teachings. The fundamental theology of Protestantism has not really changed. All we are seeing now is the soiled fruit starting to manifest as the pruned away branches start to wither away and die.

The Catholic Church needs to be very careful to “catechize” those that are fleeing the chaos and social instability to make sure they also do not infect The Church with same old heretical beliefs like “symbolic presence” in the Eucharist and confessing sins to God outside of the sacrament of reconciliation and rejecting the authority of the pope etc. etc.

We of course want all these Anglicans to be reunited with the RCC - but only if they repent and come back to a fullness of the faith. We just don’t need to fill the pews of the Catholic Church with secular heretics who are just looking for the benefits of social order and a new religious club…



I don’t think there’s much chance of Anglicanizing the Church—it’s far more likely that the Anglicans seeking communion with Rome are doing so because they see what has happened to the proud traditions of their community.

I suspect we’ll find that if anything the reunited Anglicans will be more orthodox in their new Catholic faith than many Catholic Boomers are.


Can I get a link to this story? One of the leaders in my son’s Boy Scout troop is an Anglican priest who is seriously considering conversion. My husband would probably want to bring this story up the next time they start talking religion.


i don’t think it will anglicize the Church, they seem just as Catholic as we are, at are at least standing up against the increasing liberalism in the churches. They have the Mass, Confession, the Rosary etc…


Technically, no one has the rosary since it is prayer and that is open to all.

Our Anglician brothers and sisters, in fact, don’t have Mass, Confessioin, etc. since they don’t have valid sacraments. They *think *they do, and maybe that is what CentralFLJames is getting at.

Those Anglicans wanting to come home are not switching parishes as Western Catholics or Eastern Orthodox would. They need to be taught and understand exactly what the Catholic Church teaches, what they must hold and believe and what is expected of them.

Think RCIA. Maybe not as long or detailed as for someone form a protestant denomination (Rite of Christian Initiation for Anglicians :wink: ).


at least they are open to using that kind of prayer, many protestants don’t like that sort of repititative prayer and don’t believe in Mary’s intercession.

well they call it the Mass and they believe in the Real Presence. Yes we might say that they don’t have valid orders but at least they have the same notion of the priesthood as us.



Sorry, that scenario is utter lunacy…so much so that I can’t help laughing out loud. Truth, it seems, is often stranger than fiction.


Actually what I was referring to was apart from them having invalid holy orders (ref. Pope Leo’s XIII famous Papal Bull Apostolicae Curae: “Anglican rites null and utterly void”), within the Anglican Church itself are a mish-mash of competing beliefs, theologies and cannon. In fact there is no real cannon anymore. As a middle of the road religion (neither Catholic nor Protestant) they have no concept of central cannon authority - each person is free essentially to hold their own beliefs. As such on the same pew you can have “conservative” Anglicans who think of themselves as “Catholics” sans the pope believing in real presence and others thinking in symbolic presence; all while a Protestantized rite “priest” with no apostolic succession via laying on of hands uses a foreign rite to convert bread and wine through consubstantiation. It’s a theological Gordian knot of competing ideas and I can’t believe it has lasted as long as it has.

The only miracle going on in Anglican Churches is keeping the peace in the parking lot between ultra liberals, and ultra conservatives who all profess to be Anglican with directly opposing beliefs that not even the Archbishop of Canterbury nor the Monarch understands who is really in control of anymore. :shrug:

Most people are just “giving up” trying to figure it all out and find that its easier to just walk down the street to join the Catholic Church (which is legal in England now) rather than put their immortal souls at risk waiting for a dubious reunification that will probably never happen.



Not all head to the RCC. I am good friends with a lady who was an Anglican nun for years, who, when that church began going haywire, converted to Eastern Orthodox.

She told me that so many of the members of her new church now are former Anglicans, that in some ways she feels like she never left Anglicanism! :smiley:


Here are links some news articles and editorials

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Editorial on Catholic World News. Spliced

Very sad. :banghead:


I understand that—I didn’t claim ALL were.

There are enormous segments of the Anglican Union discussing crossing the Tiber right now, however. This is no small thing.


Many ‘Catholic’ minded Anglicans do go East. Especially now that there is a “Western Rite” within the OCA (I believe).

Some lucky few live close enough to an Anglican Use Parish (which falls under the Latin Rite) and get to enjoy their Anglican liturgical culture while being fully Catholic (sacramentally and theologically)

Others, like me, don’t have such an opportunity and just come into the Latin Rite, flounder around a lot, and eventually find a parish where the music doesn’t make you want to gouge out your eardrums. (which for me was a Gregorian Rite/Extraordinary Form service with a ‘dialogue’ Mass and chant)

The more protestant/evangelical minded Anglicans often go to conservative denoms like Lutheran-Missouri Synod, and those who are REALLY on the evangelical spectrum often find a nice conservative independent congregation.


Conservative Anglicans, especially orthodox ones, will have little trouble converting to the Catholic Church, I suspect.

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